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Niger's president says Libya risks becoming like Somalia

Al Qaeda emerges amid Egypt's turmoil

Pakistani CIA informant: 'Drone attacks are the right thing to do'

Tracking Central Asians' Trails To Jihad In Syria

Beheadings and spies help al Qaeda gain ground in Syria

AQAP launches suicide assault on Yemeni defense ministry complex

A suicide bomber created a breach in the outer wall of the Ministry of Defense, and a team of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters stormed several buildings. A Western doctor and a Filipina nurse are said to have been executed during the assault that resulted in the deaths of at least 20 people.

ISIS continues to launch suicide assaults in Iraq

US Aims to Blunt Terrorist Recruiting of English Speakers

Pakistani CIA Informant: 'Drone Attacks Are the Right Thing to Do'

Jihadist Groups Gain in Turmoil Across Middle East

Jihadist Groups Gain in Turmoil Across Middle East

Boko Haram overruns Nigerian Air Force base

More than 20 security personnel and at least six civilians were killed as hundreds of Boko Haram fighters attacked the base on the outskirts of the provincial capital of Maiduguri.

Analysis: Al Qaeda seeks to spin capture of top operative

Adam Gadahn, an al Qaeda propagandist and spokesman, has released a video denouncing the capture of top al Qaeda operative Abu Anas al Libi. While calling for vengeance, Gadahn tries to portray al Libi as an innocent who was wrongly detained.

US drones strike in Pakistan, kill 3 'militants'

An unnamed Punjabi jihadist is reported to have been killed in a strike in the Miramshah area, which is administered by the Haqqani Network.

Islamic Front endorses jihad, says 'the Muhajireen are our brothers'

Islamic-Front-Syria-logo.jpgThe charter of the newly formed Islamic Front indicates that the group is willing to work with al Qaeda's two branches inside Syria.

Al Qaeda praises Taliban emirs Hakeemullah Mehsud and Mullah Fazlullah

CIA turned some Guantanamo Bay prisoners into double agents against al Qaeda

Chechen-led group swears allegiance to head of Islamic State of Iraq and Sham

Omar al Chechen.jpgThe Chechen-led Army of the Emigrants and Helpers in Syria has sworn allegiance to the head of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham. The group is awaiting approval from the head of the al Qaeda-linked Islamic Caucasus Emirate.

ISIS praises slain commander who fought in Iraq, Libya, and Syria

Abu Abdullah al Libi fought against US forces in Iraq, the Ghaddafi regime in Libya, and against Bashir al Assad's regime before being killed in Syria in September.

Just Ignore Karzai and Press On