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Waziristan operation not on the horizon: Zardari

Pakistan's president said he was misquoted during his visit to the US. Previous reports, which he discredited, have sparked an exodus in South Waziristan.

Somali Britons with jihad training pose terrorist risk

FBI looks for clues to missing Somali youths

Pakistan says Uzbek, Chechen fighters aiding Taliban in Swat

US Military Official Alarmed By Growing Al Qaeda - Taliban Ties

Afghan and US forces battle Taliban in northern Helmand stronghold

The district of Nad Ali hosts Taliban command and control centers and a narcotics hub as well as al Qaeda camps used to train the Shadow Army.

Later Terror Link Cited for 1 in 7 Freed Detainees

Report: Shabaab leader wounded in Mogadishu explosion

Ahmed Abdi Aw Mohamed was wounded in an explosion during a meeting on the outskirts of the Somali capital. An unconfirmed report speculated he was killed.

FBI director concerned about Gitmo releases

July 7 leader Sidique Khan encountered security services 10 times before bombings

Al Qaeda seeks a new alliance

Pakistani al Qaeda leader killed in March 2008 Predator strike

arshad-waheed-thumb.JPGA mid-level al Qaeda leader known as Dr. Arshad Waheed was killed in the March 16, 2008 airstrike in South Waziristan along with 19 other al Qaeda and Taliban fighters.

US airstrikes in Pakistan called 'very effective'

The Al Qaeda Wolf in Yemen

Shabaab on the offensive in Somalia

Shabaab and the allied Hizbul Islam are consolidating control of central and southern Somalia and are ousting Islamist forces loyal to President Sharif, their former ally.

US, Iraqi forces target Syrian-based network

The raid targeted the foreign fighter facilitation network run by Abu Khalaf, who was designated as a global terrorist just days ago. Three of Khalaf's aides were captured.

US releases Guantanamo detainee to France

US strikes Taliban, al Qaeda in North Waziristan

Nine operatives were killed and dozens more were wounded in a Predator airstrike on a madrassa and a vehicle in Mir Ali. The strike is the third this week.

The swift rise and fall of Iraqi cleric Nadhim Khalil

Senior al Qaeda leader in Syria sanctioned by US Treasury

Abu Khalaf funnels suicide bombers into Iraq and the Levant while operating from Syria and Iraq.