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Fears of Yemen turning into another Afghanistan

US may revive Guantanamo military courts

Report: Terror attacks up in Pakistan, Afghanistan

Spike in Iraq violence is temporary: official

Marri admits conspiring with Al-Qaeda operatives; faces up to 15 years

Negotiations for Al Qaeda suspect to plead guilty underway

Petraeus: Next two weeks critical to Pakistan's survival

US strike kills 10 Taliban in South Waziristan

predator-uav.jpgThe attack targeted a safe house and a vehicle in Kanigoram; al Qaeda fighters have been reported killed. Today's strike is the fifth this month and the sixteenth this year.

Terrorists moving from Afghan border to Africa

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb threatened to kill a British hostage if Abu Qatada was not released from British custody. "We demand that Britain release Sheikh Abu Qatada, who is unjustly held, for the release of its British citizen," an al Qaeda statement said. "We give it 20 days as of the issuance of this statement."

Al Qaeda leader Abu Omar al Baghdadi confirmed captured: Prime Minister Maliki

Iraq's leader said security forces captured Baghdadi after a two-month-long covert intelligence operation. The US military has not confirmed the report.

US plans to accept several Chinese Muslims from Guantanamo

Islamic militancy and Pakistan's rogue generals

Yemen dispute slows closing of Guantanamo

Court says Canada must seek return of Guantanamo detainee

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi allegedly captured

Islamic State of Iraq leader reported captured

Unconfirmed reports from the Iraqi Army said Abu Omar al Baghdadi was captured in eastern Baghdad. The US military has not confirmed the report. More than 60 Iraqis have been killed in two suicide bombings in Baghdad and Diyala.

Pakistani militants turn children into living bombs

The Uighurs, in their own words

The US Treasury Department and the UN have designated Abdul Haq as a terrorist with ties to al Qaeda and the Taliban. The designation may complicate the Obama administration's efforts to relocate seventeen Uighur detainees currently held at Gitmo. Some of the Uighur detainees have openly admitted their ties to Abdul Haq.

Taliban in Pakistani ex-resort: `Welcome, Osama!'