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US Recruit Reveals How Al Qaeda Trains Foreigners

Somalia's Shabaab, Hizbul Islam seek merger

Hizbul Islam leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys told a crowd in Mogadishu that plans for a merger are moving forward.

Pak can use US aid only against Taliban and al Qaeda: Senate

Pakistani jihadis deny Osama bin Laden's son killed

The Taliban commanders said Sa'ad is fighting in Afghanistan and no members of Osama's inner circle have been killed.

Death Report of Bin Laden Son Believable

Swat Taliban leader 'alive, healthy and has never been wounded' - spokesman

Shah Doran, Fazlullah's deputy, has been reported killed. Muslim Khan, the spokesman for Fazlullah, said the Taliban are prepared to retake Swat.

Analysis: Drone strikes begin to turn the tide

Bryant Neal Vinas, the American-born al Qaeda operative caught in Pakistan, provided intelligence that allowed the US to target al Qaeda leaders and training camps in Pakistan's tribal areas as well as information on a possible attack on a Long Island railway. In January 2009 he pleaded guilty to conspiring to murder US nationals, providing material support to Al Qaeda, and receiving military training from the group.

US citizen captured in Pakistan gives window into Al Qaeda's world

Waziristan a tough nut for Pakistani forces - Los Angeles Times

Osama bin Laden's son thought killed in Predator strike

Sa'ad bin Laden is believed to have been killed in a US Predator airstrike in Pakistan's tribal areas. The report has not been confirmed.

Feds: US man gave al Qaeda NYC subway information

Pakistan objects to US expansion in Afghan war

Guantanamo report on detainee policy delayed

US Predator strikes in Pakistan: Observations

A look at the trends in the US air campaign against the Taliban and al Qaeda in Pakistan's tribal areas.

9/11, Mumbai plotters not in Pakistan: Foreign Office

Indonesia police: bomb attacks have JI hallmark

Investigation underway in Jakarta following terror strikes; Noordin Top suspected

Suicide bombers carried out the attacks on the Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott hotels. Top and his Tanzim Qaedat al-Jihad is the prime suspect.

Pakistan wields a double-edged sword

US Predator strikes in North Waziristan, kills 5

Today's strike killed five Taliban fighters. The attack is the first to take place outside South Waziristan since May 16.