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Algerian government denies reports of former Gitmo detainee's mistreatment

The Algerian government has denied reports that it is mistreating Abdul Aziz Naji, a former Guantanamo detainee. Naji was a member of Lashkar-e-Taiba and an expert in improvised explosive devices prior to his detention at Gitmo. His transfer was supposed to entail "security measures," but an Algerian official claims Naji was outright released.

Pakistan denies presence of Bin Laden, Mullah Omar

Pakistan, Nato to strengthen political framework

Pak knows where Osama is: Hillary

Tension ramped up a notch in Pakistan

US hunts wanted Taliban and al Qaeda commander in Kunar

qari-zia-rahman.JPGQari Zia Rahman has allegiance to both the Taliban and al Qaeda. ISAF said he maintained a safe haven in the district of Marawara until a recent operation to secure the region.

Clinton: 'Principal terrorist threat to US emanates from Pakistan'

Two Gitmo detainees transferred to Algeria, Cape Verde

The Defense Department announced the transfer of two Gitmo detainees today. One of the detainees is an IED expert who was a member of Lashkar-e-Taiba and trained al Qaeda operatives. The other allegedly fought at Tora Bora alongside his son, who was also detained at Gitmo.

Al Qaeda leaders Ayman al Zawahiri and Anwar al Awlaki released propaganda tapes. Zawahiri said the US will leave Afghanistan and Iraq defeated, while Awlaki said the US would become bogged down in a conflict in Yemen.

Ugandan civil society organizations call for deployment of more troops in Somalia

Richard Haass on Afghanistan - time to scale down US ambitions

Uganda police say Pakistanis among blast suspects

Taliban lay siege to a district in Nuristan

More than 700 Pakistani and Afghan Taliban are assaulting the district center of Barg-e-Matal. The eastern district has switched hands two times this year.

Suicide bombers target anti-al Qaeda Awakening in Iraq

Attacks at headquarters in Baghdad and Al Qaim killed 41 Iraqis. Another Awakening leader was killed in an IED attack in Abu Ghraib.

Afghanistan aid spending boost expected to be announced

Unlikely tutor giving military Afghan advice

Somali militant group built training camps, al Qaeda links

"At your service, Osama" - the African Bin Laden behind the Uganda bombings

US adds Anwar al Awlaki to list of designated terrorists

Awlaki-thumb.jpg Awlaki "has involved himself in every aspect of the supply chain of terrorism -- fundraising for terrorist groups, recruiting and training operatives, and planning and ordering attacks on innocents."

Taliban commander linked to al Qaeda, Iran, killed in US strike in western Afghanistan

Mullah Akhtar and an undisclosed number of Taliban fighters were killed during a combined special operations raid on a training camp used by foreign fighters in Farah. Akhtar is one of several Taliban leaders linked to Iran's Qods Force.