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Al Qaeda exemplifies new-age nuclear threat

Afghan president urges Taliban to air grievances

Al Qaeda in Yemen: Nomads or nucleus?

Dramatic drop in deaths in Mosul

Missing ex-ISI officers found in North Waziristan?

Spain agrees to take four more Guantanamo inmates

AP sources: Qatari diplomat was to meet jailed terrorist

Suicide bombers arrested in Afghan capital

Al Qaeda members land in Somalia from Yemen-govt

Somalia: Music ban on radio stations was expected

Iraq: Another wave of terror, and the significance of what happens next...

Pakistan - Police arrest suspects as Dir death toll rises

Not all terrorism: Obama tries to change subject

Baghdad bombings target civilians

35 killed in attacks against civilians in Baghdad

Seven bombs were detonated in residential areas of the capital as al Qaeda in Iraq attempts to reignite a sectarian war between Sunni and Shia.

India - Pak-origin cab driver pleads not guilty to terror charges in Chicago court

US-Pakistan dialogue with a difference

Taliban assault on US consulate in Peshawar repelled

The terror assault team attempted to breach the outer wall and storm the consulate in the provincial capital, but was stopped by Pakistani security forces. In Dir, a suspected suicide bomber killed 30 people at a political gathering.

Drones batter al Qaeda and its allies within Pakistan

Taliban claim attack on US consulate in Pak's Peshawar