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Is Yemen the next Afghanistan?

Al Qaeda appoints new commander for Afghanistan

Sheikh Fateh al Masri, an Egyptian, has been named al Qaeda's emir for Afghanistan. He replaced Mustafa Abu Yazid, who was killed in a US Predator strike in North Waziristan in May.

Compensation for terrorist suspects to 'restore Britain™s leadership in the world'

Yemen faces Qaeda, pirate threats in vital strait

East African leaders urge UN to provide Somalia force

Pakistan - Govt makes conditional talks offer to Taliban

Analysis: Militant interaction poses new threats

Al-Qaeda newspaper: Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom

Iran's PressTV continues to distort LWJ's coverage of US strikes in Pakistan

Wanted Taliban commander killed in shootout in North Waziristan

Ameerullah Mehsud was number nine on the list of most-wanted members of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan. His death highlights the continued presence of the terror group in North Waziristan.

Pakistan Army finds Taliban tough to root out

'Root of Afghan challenges; outside Afghan borders' - Saleh

Pakistani troops ignore al Qaeda in South Waziristan

General Odierno: Al Qaeda in Iraq faces serious financial crunch

Taliban™s al Qaeda ties obstacle to Afghan peace

Taliban commander linked to Lashkar-e-Taiba detained in eastern Afghanistan

The Taliban commander "assisted with the recent influx of Lashkar-e-Taiba" fighters into Nangarhar, according to ISAF.

Shutters down in Pakistani city over shrine bombing

The 'only 50 to 100' al Qaeda in Afghanistan fallacy

New estimate of strength of Al Qaeda is offered

41 killed in triple suicide attack at Sufi shrine in Lahore

Three suicide bombers detonated just minutes apart in an effort to maximize civilian casualties. The attack is the 22nd major terror strike against religious institutions in Pakistan since December 2007.