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Algerians shake off insurgents' stranglehold of fear

Afghanistan - 'No collusion' between Taliban and aid hospital

Could terrorists get hold of a nuclear bomb?

Italians 'confess' to murder plot in Afghanistan

Saudi Arabia - Government warns of al Qaeda elements disguising themselves as journalists

Taliban 'fleeing' Arakzai to Khyber

More than 419 Taliban fighters and only eight soldiers have been reported killed during clashes in Arakzai since mid-March.

Father of Taliban endorses LWJ

Agenda of nuclear talks leaves out a new threat

Threat to Pak N-arsenal leaves India worried

Al Qaeda exemplifies new-age nuclear threat

Afghan president urges Taliban to air grievances

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Dramatic drop in deaths in Mosul

Missing ex-ISI officers found in North Waziristan?

Spain agrees to take four more Guantanamo inmates

AP sources: Qatari diplomat was to meet jailed terrorist

Suicide bombers arrested in Afghan capital

Al Qaeda members land in Somalia from Yemen-govt

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