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ISIS video shows Zarqawi training camp in Syria

The Abu Musab al Zarqawi Taining Camp is operating in Eastern Ghouta, just outside of the Syrian capital.

Paying Homage to Bin Laden, Pakistani Mosque Re-emerges as Bastion of Militancy

Libya reacts to bloody Ansar al Sharia assault

Witness in Terrorism Case Recalls Being Taken Hostage in Yemen

US-made missiles reportedly in hands of Islamist fighters in Syria

Al Nusrah Front says it will comply with Zawahiri's orders

The Al Nusrah Front has issued a statement saying it will comply with Ayman al Zawahiri's orders with respect to the ongoing dispute with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS).

Former US diplomat warns of possible 'grave mistake' in Syria

Lebanon - Beirut's southern suburbs exhale as bombings fade

Southern Front tries to disassociate itself from Al Nusrah

African al Qaeda leader sides with Zawahiri in Syrian dispute

Mokhtar Belmokhtar said that Ayman al Zawahiri is his "emir" and jihadists must "confirm our confidence and our commitment to the method and guidance" to him.

'Al Qaeda in Kurdistan' breaks ranks with ISIS over Syria

The group reaffirmed its allegiance to Ayman al Zawahiri and the Taliban's Mullah Omar, and said it is willing to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham.

How to build a memorial for a 'never-ending war'?

Abu Qatada provides jihadists with ideological guidance from a Jordanian prison

Prior to 9/11, Abu Qatada inspired numerous al Qaeda operatives. Now imprisoned in Jordan, he is providing ideological guidance to jihadists in Syria and North Africa.

Social Media Jihad: Abu Qatada's letter to Ansar al Sharia Tunisia

Revealed: the radical clerics using social media to back British jihadists in Syria

Feds Worry Whether Foreign Fighters in Syria May Target US, DHS Head Says

Lebanon - Tension between rival Islamists puts Ain al-Hilweh on edge

Kuwait, ally on Syria, is also the leading funder of extremist rebels

Attack on Journalist Starts Battle in Pakistani Press

Syria's bloodshed spills into Iraq as al Qaeda bombs Shia militant rally