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Previously obscure al Qaeda leader responds to dissenters

In March, a group of nine al Qaeda jihadists wrote a letter supporting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS), a group that has been disowned by al Qaeda's general command. Al Qaeda has now published a response written by a little-known ideologue named Abu 'Amer al Naji.

Obama's Afghanistan pullout may end domination of drones

ISAF raids against al Qaeda and allies in Afghanistan 2007-2013

Mapping special operations forces raids against al Qaeda and allied groups in Afghanistan shows that al Qaeda's network has remained active in Afghanistan up until ISAF ceased issuing press releases on its targeting in June 2013.

CIA drone strike program in Pakistan winding down

Al Qaeda remains in Afghanistan despite drawdown plans

As Obama draws down, al Qaeda grows in Afghanistan

UN: Al Qaeda foreign fighters expand global reach

Afghans anxious over Obama plan to end troop presence by 2016

US to end presence in Afghanistan by end of 2016

Boko Haram shows changing al Qaeda threat

American took part in suicide bombings, Al Nusrah Front sharia official says

A top sharia official in the Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda's official branch in Syria, says that a suicide bomber who recently took part in a coordinated assault was known as Abu Hurayra al Amriki, or Abu Hurayra "the American." The bomber's identity has not been confirmed by US officials.

Suicide bombers attacked Western soldiers in Djibouti

Terrorists exploit social networks in North Africa

Al Nusrah Front, Suqour al Sham launch joint suicide assault in Syria

Al Qaeda's affiliate and a unit in the supposedly moderate Islamic Front executed a complex suicide attack and used three foreign fighters. One is rumored to be an American, although that report is unconfirmed.

Ansar Jerusalem denies death of shady figure, mocks Egyptian officials

Zawahiri again addresses jihadist infighting in Syria

In a newly released three-page statement, Ayman al Zawahiri again says that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) owed its allegiance to al Qaeda's senior leadership before disobeying orders. Any pledges of allegiance collected by the ISIS since then "are null pledges, because they arose from a direct violation of my command as his direct emir," he states.

North Waziristan offensive "not full-scale operation" - Pakistan

Shabaab suicide assault team attacks Somalia parliament

The suicide assault, which killed 10 Somali troops, took place just two days after Shabaab vowed to step up attacks in Mogadishu.

Israel-Egypt anti-terrorism cooperation at zenith

Syrian opposition scores in US Senate defense bill