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In tense post-bin Laden trip to Pakistan, Clinton seeks firm action on extremists

Supply of 'heavy' arms to Pak put on hold, France tells India

Germany asks Pak to come clean on support to Osama

Pakistani military worried about collaborators in its ranks, officials say

Hizbul Mujahideen chief: Pakistan allows terror group to run 'hundreds of training camps'

"Our mujahideen can come and go at their own will," the head of the Hizbul Mujahideen said. "There is no question that the army can stop us."

Pakistan-based LeT 'in same rank' as al Qaeda: US

Pakistan closes intel fusion cells, ending hope for North Waziristan operation

Admiral McRaven: The terrorist hunter on whose shoulders Osama bin Laden raid rested

Pakistan's military under al-Qaeda attack

Al-Qaeda had warned of Pakistan strike

Signs that bin Laden weighed seeking Pakistani protection

Osama bin Laden dead: Pakistan to allow CIA to scour Abbottabad hideout

US adds Islamic Caucasus Emirate to list of terror groups

Doku-Riyah-video-Kavkaz.jpgThe US indicated that additional actions would be taken against the Islamic Caucasus Emirate.

Al-Qaeda takes advantage of security vacuum in Yemen

Suicide bomber attacks police in Pakistan's northwest

Twenty-four Pakistanis have been killed and more than 45 have been wounded, some critically.

Taliban say they won't hit nuclear arsenal

Don't count on a peace deal with Taliban

US says bin Laden knew of Europe plot

NATO on alert for influx of foreign fighters in southern Afghanistan

Afghan government, Taliban battle for control over northeastern Afghan district