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How to build a memorial for a 'never-ending war'?

Abu Qatada provides jihadists with ideological guidance from a Jordanian prison

Prior to 9/11, Abu Qatada inspired numerous al Qaeda operatives. Now imprisoned in Jordan, he is providing ideological guidance to jihadists in Syria and North Africa.

Social Media Jihad: Abu Qatada's letter to Ansar al Sharia Tunisia

Revealed: the radical clerics using social media to back British jihadists in Syria

Feds Worry Whether Foreign Fighters in Syria May Target US, DHS Head Says

Lebanon - Tension between rival Islamists puts Ain al-Hilweh on edge

Kuwait, ally on Syria, is also the leading funder of extremist rebels

Attack on Journalist Starts Battle in Pakistani Press

Syria's bloodshed spills into Iraq as al Qaeda bombs Shia militant rally

British and Australian navies seize largest ever heroin haul at sea

Al Qaeda chief urges Westerner kidnappings

Review board recommends indefinite detainee at Guantanamo be transferred

Ali Ahmad Mohamed al Razihi is one of the 48 detainees President Obama's Guantanamo Review Task Force said should be held in indefinite military detention. But a Periodic Review Board has now recommended that he be transferred to his home country of Yemen.

Lebanon - Tripoli militia leaders abound despite crackdown

Uzbek commands group within the Al Nusrah Front

Abu Hussein, the emir of the Seyfuddin Uzbek Jamaat, is thought to have "scores of fighters from Uzbekistan and neighboring countries in Central Asia," a US intelligence official told The Long War Journal.

Film at 9/11 Museum Sets Off Clash Over Reference to Islam

Afghan Taliban confirms death of shadow governors for Kunar, Kandahar

Noor Qasim Sabari and Abdul Wasi' Azzam, the shadow governors of Kunar and Kandahar respectively, were killed in military operations over the past month.

France to unveil plan to fight Syrian jihadist threat

The Saudi-Brotherhood divide

Zawahiri discusses infighting in Syria, opposition to Egyptian goverment

In a newly released audio message, al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri says his group has not been defeated by American airstrikes. He also addresses the jihadist infighting in Syria, as well as his opposition to the Egyptian government.

Ajnad Misr claims 3 more attacks in Cairo area