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Special operations forces kill 3 Haqqani commanders in Khost

Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh defiant over exit

President of Yemen offers to resign for immunity

Suicide bomber kills tribal leader, Pakistani troops in northwest

The attack took place the same day General Kayani claimed the terrorists' "backbone has been broken" and one day after a large Taliban force killed 16 troops in Dir.

Pakistan army boss Kayani says militants' back broken

Jihadists use mobiles as propaganda tools

ISAF pursues Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan in Afghan north

As Arab spring turns violent, democracy advocates face big challenges

Russian forces kill al Qaeda's envoy to the Islamic Causasus Emirate

Mohannad.jpgMuhannad commanded the International Islamic Battalion, the unit comprised of Arab and other foreign fighters. He also was the deputy military leader in Chechnya.

Pakistan closes US Predator base in Baluchistan: report

Taliban overrun security outpost, kill 16 Pakistani troops

More than 300 Taliban fighters attacked an outpost in Dir from across the border in Kunar province. The Taliban reportedly beheaded five of the Pakistani troops.

US Predators kill 25 in North Waziristan strike

The strike in the Mir Ali area is the first in more than a week, and took place just one day after Admiral Mullen completed a trip to patch up ties with Pakistan's military.

ISAF targets al Qaeda safehouse in Khost

Libyan Islamic Fighting Group leader ambushed by Qaddafi's forces

A top Libyan Islamic Fighting Group leader known as Urwah was killed in an ambush by Colonel Muammar Qaddafi's forces earlier this month. Urwah was reportedly detained by Iran in 2004 but allowed to return to Libya to fight Qaddafi.

17 Taliban, 'foreign fighters' killed during hunt for al Qaeda commander in Kunar

The al Qaeda leader "commands and facilitates insurgents throughout the province and border region, directing weapons acquisition, movement, employment of fighters and equipment to Kunar for attacks against Afghan and Coalition forces."

Ex-Gitmo detainee deported from Italy to Tunisia

The Italian government announced the deportation of a former Gitmo detainee to Tunisia. Adel Ben Mabrouk had been convicted of terrorism-related charges, but his sentence was commuted to time served because of his eight-year-long detention at Gitmo. Mabrouk went to Afghanistan to train and fight in early 2001 and was part of an al Qaeda cell that plotted to blow up Milan's Gothic cathedral.

Omar Hassan, whose sister, Omayma, is married to Ayman al Zawahiri, was killed in Afghanistan earlier this year. Hassan likely facilitated the 2006 merger of the external branch of the Egyptian Islamic Group with al Qaeda.

Zawahiri's brother-in-law killed in Afghanistan

Osama Hassan was a member of the Egyptian Islamic Group and may have played a role in getting that group's external faction to merge with al Qaeda in 2006.

Imran Khan in Taliban peace spotlight

Taliban/IMU commander killed in airstrike in Afghan north

Mullah Abdul Fatah Haqqani commanded and controlled facilitation networks for "foreign fighters" in Baghlan.