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Gates seeks to keep pressure on Taliban

Steeper pullout is raised as option for Afghanistan

Questions emerge over HUJI's statement on al Qaeda leader Ilyas Kashmiri's death

A purported photo of Kashmiri's corpse has turned out to be that of a Mumbai suicide bomber, and HUJI misspelled the group's name twice in the press release announcing his death.

The last interview with Syed Saleem Shahzad

HUJI releases photograph of Ilyas Kashmiri after death, but it isn't him

Ustadz Ahmed Farooq, al Qaeda's spokesman and propaganda chief for Pakistan, may have been killed in the June 2 Predator strike that killed Ilyas Kashmiri.

Kashmiri killing: Worrying times for Pakistan militants

Al-Qaida commander's death increasingly certain

Was al Qaeda's leader of Pakistan killed in the South Waziristan Predator strike?

Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh flies to Saudi Arabia, transferring power to deputy

Officials probe apparent death of Pakistani militant

As Iraqi militants flee, families are targets of blood reckoning

In Kabul, Gates urges patience with Afghan war

Taliban: 'Mujahida sister' executed Kunar suicide attack

American drones thought to have killed al-Qaeda's chief military commander

MI6 attacks al-Qaeda in 'Operation Cupcake'

Top al Qaeda leader Ilyas Kashmiri reported killed in US Predator strike

A Harakat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami spokesman said that Kashmiri, one of al Qaeda's top military commanders, was killed in yesterday's attack in Wana. His death is a major blow to the terror group.

Drone attacks split US officials

Al Qaeda released a propaganda videotape that included statements from Ayman al Zawahiri, Abu Yahya al Libi, Attiya Allah, and Adam Gadahn. The al Qaeda leaders called for Muslim worldwide to wage jihad in their home countries.

Yemen's chaos is good news for Al Qaeda