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AP sources: Pakistan arrests 5 CIA informants from bin Laden raid in latest US-Pakistan rift

Slain Pakistani journalist reported 'on facts, not what govt likes'

Pak Army denies US media report

Linchpin in hunt for bin Laden back with al-Qaida

US Predator strike kills 15 'militants' in South and North Waziristan

The unmanned aircraft hit a vehicle and a compound in an area administered by "good Taliban" leader Mullah Nazir, and a vehicle in an area run by the Haqqani Network.

Pakistan arrests CIA informants in bin Laden raid

First, take Nuristan: the Taliban's new Afghan plan

Young Somali soldier killed Qaida operative

Of good and bad Taliban

Pakistan wants tribal militias in militant hub

Focus of Afghan war is shifting eastward

CIA to target AQAP in Yemen with Predators and Reapers

Al Qaeda in Iraq suicide assault team targets Diyala provincial center

Opportunity in Somalia after killing of Qaeda militant

Killing of embassy bombings mastermind deprives al Qaeda of key figure

Zarqawi aide returns to Afghanistan to wage jihad for al Qaeda

Salahuddin-al-Maqdisi.jpgSalahuddin al Maqdisi, the brother of Abu Mohammed al Maqdisi and a former aide to slain al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al Zarqawi, was released from Iranian custody and has recently returned to Afghanistan.

Militants linked to al-Qaeda emboldened in Yemen

The Gitmo Files: Fazul Mohammed continued to seek bin Laden's direction

Abdullahi-Sudi-Arale.jpgLeaked Guantanamo threat assessments highlight Osama bin Laden's influence over East Africa al Qaeda (EAAQ) and its leader, the recently slain Fazul Mohammed. The files also contain striking details about the ties between EAAQ and Somalia's Islamic Courts Union, the predecessor of Shabaab.

The Al Tahadi jihadist forum purportedly published a video, supposedly produced by As Sahab, that announced that Hamza bin Laden, Osama's son, was appointed the new leader of al Qaeda. The video was quickly removed from the forum.

CIA chief Panetta leaves without deal