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Libya Rebuffs Qaddafi Son on Alliance With Radical Islamists

US defense chief vows to keep pressure on al-Qaida

Hostage video: Europeans kidnapped in Nigeria blame Al Qaeda

Bali bomb suspect to be repatriated from Pakistan 'soon'

ISAF detains senior Haqqani Network leader linked to the IMU

The Haqqani Network commander was the deputy operational leader in Paktia, and led more than 250 fighters, including Uzbeks.

Pak air base attack: Navy officers face court martial

To Fight Radical Islam, US Wants Muslim Allies

Ex-CIA official sounds alarm about hackers' next targets

Boy fighters of Somalia warn of al-Shabab cruelty

Analysis: US military strategy in Afghanistan shifts as forces draw down

The reduction of Coalition troops in Afghanistan drives major changes to ISAF's military strategy.

Ex-Afghan spy chief details hunt for bin Laden, 10-year war

Somalia heads terrorism risk, South Sudan in top 5: survey

Whither the jihadi forums?

Al Qaeda fighter's detention upheld by DC Circuit Court

Moath-Hamza-Ahmed-al-Alwi.jpgThe court's ruling and a leaked threat assessment of Moath Hamza Ahmed al Alwi, who is held at Guantanamo, revealed that he was a member of al Qaeda's elite 55th Arab Brigade. Al Alwi also allegedly received specialized training and was a bodyguard for Osama bin Laden.

US Predators strike in North Waziristan

predator-uav.jpgFour "militants" were killed. The strike took place outside of Miramshah, a stronghold of the al Qaeda-linked Haqqani Network.

US 'drones' kill 15 al Qaeda fighters in southern Yemen

The US is known to have carried out five airstrikes in Yemen this year.

Senior al Qaeda leader attacks Pakistani state in bin Laden eulogy

Farooq-thumb.jpgThe tape casts further doubt that Ilyas Kashmiri, a top al Qaeda leader, and Ustadh Ahmad Farooq, al Qaeda's media emir and top ideologue in Pakistan, were killed in a Predator airstrike in early June.

Somalis Waste Away as Insurgents Block Escape From Famine

Getting Bin Laden
What happened that night in Abbottabad

ISI May Have Hidden Mullah Omar: NDS