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10 years after 9/11: Lessons from the Philippines

While some officials have declared 'victory' against al Qaeda, lessons from the Philippines show that the next defeat can come from the jaws of victory.

Mauritania family mourns loss of son to al Qaeda

Pictured: American on Ten Most wanted list as 'credible' suspect who is believed to be plotting 9/11 anniversary car bombing

US Predators kill 4 'militants' in North Waziristan strike

predator-uav.jpgThe strike took place in the Mir Ali area, and is the first in Pakistan's tribal areas in 19 days.

'Either with us or against us', US told Pak after 9/11 attacks

Yemeni Forces Are Said to Enter Coastal City

'Germany Is in the Jihadists' Crosshairs'

Pakistan is 'not an ally' in terrorism fight, ex spy chief says

AP sources: No sign of US entry for terror plot

Al-Qaida will keep trying to attack us, Barack Obama tells Americans

Borders with Afghanistan sealed off: Rehman Malik

Battle for Afghanistan's Gambir Jungle: Soldiers' tale of an epic fight

Battle for Afghanistan's Gambir Jungle: What was it all for?

The 9/11 Decade

How the NYPD Foiled the Post-9/11 Terror Plots

Two Decades of Pursuing al Qaeda

Taliban: 'Afghans have an endless stamina for a long war'

The Taliban statement denied any role in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, which it described as "an ambiguous and murky event."

The Associated Press: Judge dumps suit for info on use of drones to kill

Delhi bomb: Indian group 'may be behind' court attack

Somalia denies CIA rendition base in Mogadishu