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Al Qaeda profits from Yemen turmoil

Philippines: Changing face of terror

Taliban announce peace talks with Pakistan

Jihadist releases bio of Yemeni al Qaeda operative killed in Somalia

Abu 'Asim al Tabuki Mansour Nasser al Bihani waged jihad in Bosnia, Dagestan, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. He trained Omar Hammami, the American military commander in Shabaab. Two of Abu 'Asim's brothers are currently being held at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

Sweden - 'There's no reason to fear another attack'

The last days of a suicide bomber

Suicide bomber kills 6 Afghans in mosque attack

A district police chief was among those killed. ISAF killed a Taliban commander who planned suicide operations.

'Extremists' within reach of Pakistan nukes: Gingrich

Drone Crash in Iran Reveals Secret US Surveillance Bid

Al Qaeda announces death of Karachi-based media operative

Abd al Moeed bin Abd al Salam was an important member of the Global Islamic Media Front and translated al Qaeda's propaganda, according to his martyrdom statement.

Anwar al Awlaki's son hoped 'to attain martyrdom as my father attained it'

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula said the US killed Abdul Rahman "so that America would not be afflicted in the future with another Awlaki."

Clinton warns of terrorist bio-attacks

Attacks Threaten New Afghan Conflict

DC court: Iran showed al Qaeda how to bomb embassies

On Nov. 28, a DC district court ruled that Iran and Sudan were culpable for al Qaeda's 1998 embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. The attacks killed more than 200 people and were al Qaeda's most successful operations prior to 9/11.

Afghanistan's allies pledge to stay for long haul

US ready for eviction of drones in Pakistan

Should Egypt Fear the Rise of the Salafis?

Al Qaeda expanding footprint in Africa

Did Jund al Khilafah battle police in Kazakhstan?

US personnel begin to vacate Pakistan's Shamsi Air Base: report