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Taliban 'offer every assistance' to al Qaeda, says terrorist leader

Israel Guards Against Terror From Laxly Patrolled Sinai

55 Pakistanis killed in violence in Khyber

A suicide bomber killed 22 people outside a mosque, while 10 Pakistani soldiers and 23 Lashkar-e-Islam fighters were killed in a clash at a military checkpoint.

When was the last al Qaeda operative killed or captured in Afghanistan?

Osama bin Laden hid terror codes in two copies of the Bible

Ex-Senators Graham and Kerrey See Possible Saudi 9/11 Link

Majid Khan Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Plots in Military Court

Key Al-Qaida Witness: Hamburg Islamist to Stand Trial in Germany

Syria Crisis Highlights Paradoxes of Assad Support

Al-Shabaab: the growing menace of the al-Qaeda affiliate

Al Qaeda honcho probably not in Egyptian custody

Jundallah kills 18 Shia travelers in northern Pakistan

The Pakistani terror group is closely tied to al Qaeda and the Taliban, and has attacked Shia worshipers in Pakistani mosques in the past.

New rules issued on when FBI, not military, keeps custody of al-Qaida suspects arrested in US

Guantanamo Detainees Get New $750G Soccer Field

A classic case of self-radicalizing

Wikileaks: Pakistan army officials 'knew of Bin Laden house'

Western Iraqi Province Sides With Syrian Uprising

Stratfor: Osama bin Laden 'was in routine contact with Pakistan's spy agency'

OBL was in contact with members of Pakistan's spy agency: Report

Somali al Qaeda's western reach