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Europe faces jihadist threat

Taliban suicide bomber targets Lashkar-e-Islam mosque, kills 5

The attack is the second suicide bombing at a Lashkar-e-Islam mosque in Khyber's Tirah Valley this month.

The name's Vinod, Agent Vinod: Pakistan bans Bollywood's James Bond

Mohammed Merah dead: Toulouse Al Qaeda fanatic had sick video of himself executing victims

French govt under fire after Toulouse killings

New counterterrorism guidelines permit data on US citizens to be held longer

France police investigate whether Toulouse gunman was 'lone wolf'

Extremist suspect upends French presidential race

Al Qaeda touts operations in Ghazni

No leads on French shooter in Afghanistan, Pakistan

Jund al Khilafah claims French shooting

Detainee Deal Stalls Taliban Talks

US must respect Pakistan's sovereignty for effective ties

Toulouse siege: live

French shooting suspect not jailed in Afghanistan: governor

Besieged gunman boasted he brought France to its knees

Taliban confirm recent drone strike killed 3 of Nazir's deputies

Al Qaeda gunman in France reportedly escaped Afghan prison

President Sarkozy wants the suspect captured alive. Authorities are scrambling to determine how he escaped notice after returning from Afghanistan.

Al Nusrah Front takes credit for Damascus bombings

The jihadist group claimed it executed two bombings at an Air Force and intelligence headquarters in the capital that killed 27 people.

Five disasters we'll face if US retreats from Afghanistan