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Special operations forces kill newly appointed IMU leader for Afghanistan

Osmani Sahib led the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan's operations for only 12 days before being killed during a combined Afghan and Coalition special operations raid in Faryab province. His predecessor, Makhdum Nusrat, was killed on March 26.

Saudi Arabia's Syrian jihad

US drones kill 8 AQAP fighters in southern Yemen

predator-uav.jpgThree foreign "Arabs" and five Yemeni members of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula are said to have been killed in the strike in Shabwa province.

Octogenarian Islamist cleric an unlikely revolutionary

As Sinai becomes a 'terror zone,' Netanyahu's options are limited

The new battlefront: Cyber warriors strike al-Qaeda online

'We do jihad,' says Lashkar-e-Taiba emir Hafiz Saeed

Saeed's sermon calling for jihad against the US was delivered the same day Pakistani officials claimed that Saeed was involved with "de-radicalization and rehabilitation of former jihadis" in Pakistan's Punjab province.

ISAF captures IMU suicide attack facilitator, financier in raids in Afghan north

One raid took place in the remote province of Badakhshan, which has seen an uptick in activity by the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. The other took place in Faryab, where the IMU's top leader in Afghanistan was killed more than a week ago.

Abu Musab al-Suri, the New Mastermind of Jihad

On the 'merchant of death'

China Says Wanted Militants Use Nearby Countries to Stage Attacks

Hafiz Saeed involved in 'de-radicalization and rehabilitation' of jihadis, says Pakistani CT official

Egyptian Islamists pin their hopes on Islamic law

An apparent cyberattack took down several of al Qaeda's websites between March 23 and April 2. Announcing it was back online, Shamukh al-Islam, a main al Qaeda website, claimed the attack was the work of the "enemies of Allah" and said that instead of one network, al Qaeda has "tens of networks."

British couple in dramatic Timbuktu escape

Indonesia: Bali bombing witnesses in court describe pain

Report: Osama bin Laden helped plan Mumbai attacks

hafiz-saeed-2.jpgDocuments recovered in Osama bin Laden's Pakistani safe house reportedly show that the al Qaeda master had a hand in the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Global Jihad Sustained Through Africa

American intelligence agencies spooked by Britain's open courts

Kenyan military official falsely claims Shabaab spokesman fled Somalia