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Ambassador Crocker's warning to the West

Insight: In Sinai, militant Islam flourishes - quietly

Syrian Rebels Disagree Over Foreign Arms Shipments

The French Way of Fighting Homegrown Terrorism

Afghanistan presses for answers on long-term US military bases

Pakistani Taliban deputy leader Waliur Rehman threatens Britain

Waliur-Rehman-Mehsud-UK.png"Our revenge against the British government will be very severe," Waliur Rahman said in a video that assailed the treatment of Islamist prisoners in the country.

Al-Qaeda 'plotting another 9/11' from Afghanistan

US drone strikes kill 5 AQAP fighters, 1 civilian in southern Yemen

The strikes hit targets in the al Qaeda-controlled city of Azzan. The US has carried out six drone strikes this month, an all-time high for Yemen.

Pakistan addicted to using militants against India: Pentagon

Foreign Fighters Join Syrian Rebels: Jihadists Declare Holy War Against Assad Regime

US Predator strike kills 4 'militants' in North Waziristan

The drones leveled a compound near the bazaar in Miramshah. The strike is the first in more than two weeks.

On Run, Bin Laden Had 4 Children and 5 Houses, a Wife Says

Taliban ambush NATO supply column in western Afghanistan

More than 30 Taliban, seven Afghan security guards, and two Afghan soldiers were killed after the Taliban ambushed a NATO convoy in Farah.

US drone strikes on Yemen escalate

Shabaab denies top leader granted interview

Shabaab said that a purported interview with Sheikh Abu Mansur Robow that was published two days ago by Somalia Report is "entirely fictitious."

'Af-Pak is Al-Qaeda's top launch point for attacks': Pentagon

Af-Pak tribal badlands nursery of world terror

At CIA, a convert to Islam leads the terrorism hunt

9/11 plotter spotted in Mir Ali

Al-Jazeera opts not to air Merah shootings video