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Pakistan militants ban polio jabs, threaten action

Al Qaeda in Iraq claims credit for recent bombings

Obama Admits US Is Fighting Al Qaeda in Somalia and Yemen

US declassifying counterterror campaigns in Yemen and Somalia; no mention of drones

Secret drone wars not part of leak probes: sources

AQAP destroys tombs in southern Yemen

Rubaish-shrine-destruction-AQAP.jpgAl Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula demolished tombs in several villages outside of Jaar just days before withdrawing from the city. Former Guantanamo detainee Ibrahim Suleiman al Rubaish said the group destroyed the sites as AQAP is "reviving their jihad."

US drones strike in Miramshah's bazaar, kill 3 militants

The strike is the second in 24 hours. The US has attacked targets in Miramshah's bazaar four times since the beginning of March 2010; two top-level al Qaeda leaders were killed in those strikes.

Islamist militants taking advantage of chaos in Mali

Al Nusrah front claims latest suicide attack in Syria

Al-Nusrah-Front-banner.pngThe terror group said the "special martyrdom-operation" included a suicide attack inside a Syrian military camp and was followed up by an ambush that included seven IEDs.

AQAP vows to fight 'in the cities of the enemy and its capitals'

Sept. 11 'mastermind' wants to wear military-style clothing at Guantanamo trial

North Waziristan drone strike kills 4 'militants'

The strike took place near Miramshah, a stronghold of the al Qaeda-linked Haqqani Network.

70 Iraqis killed in attacks on Shia pilgrims, soldiers

Syrian Conflict Takes New Turn for the Worse

As Sahab releases video of Abu Yahya al Libi

Pakistan - Al Qaeda battleground

Taliban Encourage Afghan Kids to Suicide: NDS

Al Qaeda in Yemen advertises for Western recruits

Panetta on Pakistan

NGOs are 'targets' in South Waziristan, say Pakistani Taliban

The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan distributed pamphlets in the Mehsud areas of South Waziristan and threatened to punish anyone working with the government.