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Afghanistan - Attacks on security forces mounting: MoI

Special Operations forces risk being overused, misused, former chief says

Iyad Ag Ghaly - Mali's Islamist leader

'Numerous' insurgents detained during latest raid against IMU in Kunduz

Pakistan - Despite international ban, JuD asks for Ramazan donations online

NCTC director: 'We remain at war with al Qaeda'

During testimony before the House Committee on Homeland Security on July 25, National Counterterrorism Center director Matthew Olsen provided his organization's view of the ongoing fight against al Qaeda and its affiliates.

Two Journalists Freed by Islamic Fighters in Syria After Weeklong Ordeal

Webster Commission gets 2004 Madrid train bombings wrong

Secret Turkish nerve center leads aid to Syria rebels

ISAF targets al Qaeda-linked leader in southeastern Afghanistan

Special operations forces conducted an airstrike against an "al Qaeda-associated insurgent leader" in the Gelan district in Ghazni province.

Is this al Qaeda's 'last chance' for a country?

In Pakistan, stalled military operation means refugees can't go home

Canada - MacKay's wife slams newspaper for 'distorted' Khadr comments

Al Qaeda in Iraq threatens attacks in US

Revealed: Dr Afridi sought asylum in US, says investigators

Pakistan - Non-starter: Panel to oversee peace talks with Taliban dismantled

Malian refugee: They slit open a man's stomach

Pakistan: Let us hit drone targets

Al Qaeda Insinuating Its Way Into Syria's Conflict

Drone operations over Somalia pose danger to air traffic, UN report says