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Jordanian jihadist killed in fighting in eastern Afghanistan

Abu Abdul Rahman al Aseer al Urduni was killed during recent fighting in Ghazni province, a known al Qaeda stronghold.

Arab spring took British intelligence by surprise, report says

Egyptian jihadist killed in fighting in Syria

Abu al Bara'a was among hundreds of jihadists to escape from Egyptian prisons in early 2011. He fought in Libya prior to being killed in Syria this month.

Mali: how the West cleared the way for al-Qaeda's African march

Northern Mali risks starvation thanks to al-Qaeda, drought and no aid

Suicide bomber kills 20 police cadets in Yemeni capital

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has carried out two major suicide attacks in the Yemeni capital since mid-May; both targeted security forces.

Would Al Qaeda's Wildfire 'Ember Bomb' Really Work?

Destroying Timbuktu: The Jihadist who Inspires the Demolition of the Shrines

Senior al Qaeda ideologue freed in Mauritania

Abu Hafs al Mauritani, a senior al Qaeda ideologue, has been set free in Mauritania. Until earlier this year, Abu Hafs was held under a loose form of house arrest in Iran. His sudden extradition to Mauritania and subsequent freedom worries some US intelligence officials.

Northern Mali: A dying land

Special operations forces capture 2 IMU leaders in Afghan north

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leaders are Afghan nationals who were involved in suicide operations in Kunduz.

US urged to recruit master hackers to wage cyber war on al-Qaida

Detained UK suspect trained by Shabaab

An al Qaeda suspect detained in the UK after visiting the site of the Olympic Games was trained by and fought with Shabaab, al Qaeda's affiliate in Somalia. Leaked US government files show that Shabaab has sought to use its recruits in al Qaeda's plots against the West.

Mysterious fatal crash provides rare glimpse of US commandos in Mali

Pakistani jihadist groups fundraise, recruit openly in Rawalpindi

Bakht-Zamin-Khan.jpgThe emir of the Al Badar Mujahideen said his group is waging jihad in both Afghanistan and Kashmir, and the leader of Hizbul Mujahideen said his group's jihad is against the US and its allies.

In Niger refugee camp, anger deepens against Mali's al-Qaeda-linked Islamists

Sudan constitution to be 100 percent Islamic: Bashir

How 1 man derailed 20 years of democracy in Mali

Turkish jihadist magazine Islamic World published

Pakistan not pushing for end to US drone strikes