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Al-Qaeda flags fly over rebel-held Syria

'Brigades of Osama bin Laden' forms in the West Bank

The new jihadist group is the latest to spring up in the Palestinian Territories and the neighboring Egyptian Sinai.

Taliban suicide assault team kills 36 Afghans in western city

The attack took place in Zaranj, the provincial capital of Nimroz. The Taliban have launched several high-profile attacks in western Afghanistan this year.

Omani jihadist participated in Haqqani Network raid on FOB Salerno

Ayman-bin-Saeed-2.jpgThe Haqqani Network suicide assault on a major US base in Khost was promoted by the Taliban on their propaganda website.

ISAF captures 'senior IMU leader' in Kunduz

Al Qaeda claims Iraq attacks, Baghdad anti-terrorism HQ assault

Insight: Mimicking al Qaeda, militant threat grows in Sinai

Toulouse shooter's al Qaeda ties played down by officials

Merah.jpgNewly released intelligence files on Mohamed Merah indicate he had been identified as a dangerous Islamist for well over a year before he killed seven people. And an audiotape suggests he trained for jihad in Pakistan and was working for al Qaeda in France.

Al Qaeda-linked insurgent targeted in Ghazni raid

ISAF said the al Qaeda-associated insurgent "coordinates the movement of al Qaeda terrorists throughout the region."

Somali Olympians deny seeking asylum over threats

Operation in North Waziristan

Pakistan - US must seal Afghan border for NWA push: Pak official

Echoes of Iraq: Yemen's War Against al-Qaeda Takes a Familiar Turn

Al Nusrah Front claims yet another suicide bombing in Syria

Al-Qaeda Resurgent In Iraq On The Back Of Syrian Turmoil

West Africa 'ignoring underlying causes of hunger'

US drone strikes in Yemen defended

Al Qaeda calls on jihadists to attack NATO supplies, 'secure the back' of the Afghan Taliban

Ustad Ahmad Farooq, al Qaeda's spokesman for Pakistan, said that jihadists must "pay special attention to targeting American and NATO supply lines" in order to help their "Afghan brothers."

No need for joint North Waziristan operation, says Pakistani military, as it is underway

After years of neglect and post-Mubarak security void, Islamic extremism grows in Sinai