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The US killed a Saudi and two Yemeni al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula operatives in a drone strike in Shabwa province. A Saudi diplomat claimed that Iran is smuggling weapons to Shia Houthi rebels via the neighboring country of Oman.

The US killed six al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in a strike that targeted a vehicle as it traveled in the Al Mahfad area in Abyan province. The strike is the first in seven weeks. An intelligence report from the United Kingdom described AQAP as al Qaeda's "most innovative" affiliate.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters gunned down a former senior government official in Abyan. Three men were detained by Yemeni border guards after wounding a Saudi soldier while attempting to cross into Saudi Arabia.

Tribesmen kidnapped two Yemeni soldiers as they were traveling to their base in Daleh, and bombed the main oil pipeline in Marib. The US is unhappy that the Yemeni government pardoned a journalist who has been linked to al Qaeda.

"Gunmen" kidnapped an Iranian diplomat as he was driving his car in the capital of Sana'a. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters gunned down a member of the Popular Resistance Committees in Mudia in Abyan province.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula executed a man in Lahj who is accused of being a homosexual. Two Dutch hostages appeared on a video and warned they would be executed in 10 days if the kidnapper's demands are not met.

Three soldiers were killed in an IED attack in the capital of Sana'a. The government said that a reporter was arrested for threatening the prime minister, and accused him of being tied to al Qaeda.

A suicide bomber killed two people in a blast at a market int he northern city of Saada. The US military is rumored to have deployed 1,700 troops to Yemen, including Marines to protect the embassy in Sana'a.

Tribesmen killed a Yemeni soldier and bombed an oil export pipeline in the Sarwah region near Sana'a. Security forces captured a Yemeni and a Saudi al Qaeda fighter in Sheikh Othman in Aden province.

Security forces captured Omar Ashour, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's commander in the in Ghail Bawazir district, and his son Abdullah, in the Shahir district in Hadramout province. The two were captured at a checkpoint and are thought to have been preparing to leave the country.

The US killed an al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula commander and five fighters in a drone strike in Al Jawf province. Security guards killed seven Houthis outside of a intelligence headquarters in Sana'a.

At the opening session of the second round of the national reconciliation dialogue, President Hadi warned that "Yemen can no longer bear further crises" as al Qaeda is trying to take over more territory in the south. The dialogue process is aimed at drafting a new constitution and paving the way for a presidential election in February 2014.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is holding two South African hostages who were kidnapped on May 27. The military captured 10 AQAP fighters near Mukallah. AQAP is stealing government cars in Taiz.

The Yemeni military killed two local al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula leaders and detained a fighter in Marib; the two AQAP leaders were identified as Anwar al Sanaani and Moamer al Nasheri. The former leader of the Houthis, who was killed nine years ago, was finally buried in Saada after the government returned his body.

Government forces launched an offensive against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in the town of Ghayl Bawazir, near Mukallah in Hawdramout province. Seven AQAP fighters, two civlians, and an Army officer are reported to have been killed. The town is one of several in the area under AQAP control.

US drones killed eight al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in the Al Mahfad area in Abyan. AQAP fighters gunned down a Yemeni Air Force officer in charge of operations in Hawdramout.

Two South African tourists were kidnapped in the city of Taiz. The Iranian government strongly protested claims by Yemen's foreign minister that it is smuggling weapons into Yemen.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula killed a captain who commanded the Special Security Forces in Hadramout. The AQAP fighters gunned down the captain from a motorbike with a silenced weapon.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula took control of several villages outside of Mukallah in Hadramout province. AQAP fighters killed a policeman and a civilian at a checkpoint in Al Shihr in Hadramout.

US drones killed two al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters as they drove a motorcycle in the Khobza area of Baydah province. The strike is the second in four days. General Ahmed Ali Saleh, the former commander of the Republican Guards, was sworn in as ambassador to the UAE.