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Ongoing clashes north and east of Zinjibar left two al Qaeda fighters and three soldiers dead. An explosion stopped all crude oil output from the Jannah Block oil field in Shabwa. Yemen's parliament is considering a new law granting immunity to Yemen's president and anyone who served in his regime over the past 33 years.

President Saleh has decided to stay in Yemen, sparking fears he does not plan on transitioning power. The state-run Yemen News Agency claimed that "the GPC and the Yemeni people want the President to remain in the country to participate fully in ending the crisis."

Yemeni forces attacked the northeastern outskirts of Zinjibar with ground troops and warplanes, killing six al Qaeda-linked Partisans of Sharia fighters. Four Yemeni soldiers were killed and 10 others were wounded in the battle. Mohammed Miftah has formed a political party to represent Yemen's Shia rebels.

Five al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters and two Yemeni solders were killed during fighting near Zinjibar. Five people were killed during fighting among forces loyal to Major General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar.

Al Qaeda-linked fighters killed two Yemeni soldiers in Zinjibar. Eleven Yemeni coast guards, including three officers, were found dead when their boat capsized in the Red Sea off the coast of Hudieda province.

Armed Yemeni guards trying to break up a strike at a government office killed at least one of the protesters. A French journalist was found strangled with an electrical wire in his hotel room in Sana'a. The hotel, Al-Maali, is near the presidential palace in an area controlled by Yemen's Republican Guard.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula killed two Yemeni soldiers in an attack near Zinjibar. AQAP halted a protest that called for the terror group to quit Zinjibar.

The military killed six al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters during fighting in Zinjibar; two of those killed were Algerian and another was a Saudi. "Gunmen" killed a police officer in Sana'a.

Labor strikes spread through Yemen as workers demanded reforms and dismissal of managers over alleged corruption linked to the country's outgoing president. Two soldiers and three al Qaeda fighters died when government forces clashed with al Qaeda suspects in Zinjibar.

A request by Yemen's former president to enter the US for medical treatment is still in flux. Foes and backers of a plan to ease him out of power fought each other with stones and clubs and injured at least 20 people in the capital of Sana'a.

Protesters in Taiz are calling for the government to expel the US ambassador. The US is considering allowing President Saleh to travel to the US for medical treatment.

Gunmen shot dead an intelligence chief in the port of Aden in south Yemen. Police officials blamed the attack on al Qaeda. Yemen's acting leader urged foes and loyalists of President Ali Abdullah to call a truce.

Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemeni's outgoing president, said he plans to leave soon for the US and let an interim government prepare for an election to replace him. Government forces killed eight protesters and injured scores after opening fire on a demonstration in Sana'a.

Yemeni soldiers battled al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters outside Zinjibar. Four soldiers and 16 AQAP fighters were reported killed. Protests continue in Sanaa and in other anti-government hotbeds such as Taiz, Yemen's second-largest city.

Four al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters and two Yemeni soldiers were killed during fighting near Zinjibar. General Ali Mohsen supports the peace deal with the government and has begun withdrawing his forces from Sana'a.

Security forces killed five al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters near Zinjibar in Abyan province. AQAP fighters killed two soldiers outside of Zinjibar.

Yemen's official news agency says six al Qaeda fighters have been arrested while allegedly planning attacks on senior government officials as well as Arab and other foreign diplomatic missions. Saudi Arabia has promised to provide the newly formed government of Yemen with urgently needed aid, mainly petroleum products.

Up to 15 al Qaeda fighters escaped from a prison in the southern port city of Aden, in the second such jailbreak this year. Most of the escapees were being tried over a 2009 bank robbery in Aden, while others were facing charges of involvement in the assassinations of intelligence officers.

Fourteen people were killed during fighting between Salafists and Houthis in Sa'ada. Tribal fighters killed two al Qaeda fighters in Abyan. Gunmen blew up an oil pipeline in Shabwa.

Nine al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed while attacking a military outpost near Zinjibar; one soldier was also killed. The government released the head of the opposition Southern Movement party.