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'Suicide bomber' targets British Ambassador to Yemen

Yemen says opposition allied with armed foes of state

Yemen cleric: fight draft law banning child brides

Al Qaeda in Yemen: Nomads or nucleus?

Somalis on the move but fewer reach safe havens: UNHCR

Al Qaeda members land in Somalia from Yemen-govt

Pentagon eyeing drone shift to aid Somalia

Somalis in rare march against al-Shabab militants

Militants™ worst foe may be Somalians on street

US warns of al-Qaida threat to ships off Yemen News Article: CENTCOM looks beyond Iraq, Afghanistan, Petraeus says

US citizen accused in Yemen killing had been under FBI watch

Al-Qaeda suspect, Sharif Mobley, worked at US nuclear plants

BA terror suspect Rajib Karim 'offered advice to overseas militants™

Gunfire erupts at Yemen hospital

Charming and chilling: Osama bin Laden's bodyguard

Yemen - home to dreams of wealth and power

Pakistan - Court hears 'terror charges' against five Americans

In Yemen™s South, protests could cause more instability

Ex-jihadist defies Yemen™s leader, and easy labels