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5 Guantánamo Inmates Are Sent to Eastern Europe

Yemeni tribes say they will resist Houthi takeover of oil facilities

Yemen announces new cabinet as UN sanctions Saleh, Houthis

Al Qaeda militants push back Shi'ite rebels' advance on central Yemen stronghold

Fighting rages in Yemeni capital despite accord

Yemeni government reaches agreement with Shia Houthi rebels

Obama says will 'degrade and destroy' Islamic State

Terror finance worries may curb Doha kidnap mediation

Yemeni president vows relentless fight against militants

Saudi Arabia losing influence in Yemen

Al Qaeda wing seeks to set up 'emirate' in east Yemen

Airport security may be tightened permanently after US warning - UK deputy prime minister

Dutch Islamist radicals becoming elusive 'swarm

Morten Storm's new book describes double life as jihadist/spy

Interpol calls for policing aid to Yemen

The Accelerating Spread of Terrorism

Under Pressure, Hagel Promises to Act on Guantánamo Transfers

US Strategy to Fight Terrorism Increasingly Uses Proxies

CIA drone strike program in Pakistan winding down

Abu Hamza devoted his life to violent jihad, terror trial jury hears