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Yesterday, 10 Yemeni soldiers and 13 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed during clashes in Azzan and Gol al Rayda in Shabwa. AQAP stormed a police station before withdrawing from Azzan. The military launched airstrikes in Azzan today.

AQAP military official killed in 2013 drone strike

Sarhan Abdullah Ali al Nasi, or Khishiman, was recruited into al Qaeda by Anwar al Awlaki. Starting as a driver, Khishiman rose through the ranks to serve as a member of the Military Committee and emir of Al Jawf and Saada provinces.

Abu Hamza devoted his life to violent jihad, terror trial jury hears

Pictures and video of Yemeni southern offensive

23 killed in simultaneous AQAP attacks in Shabwa

The Yemeni military repelled AQAP attacks to retake Azzan and Gol al Rayda in Shabwa province.

The military killed six al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters after they shelled an army headquarters in Marib province. The military also killed a Saudi AQAP fighter in Shabwa. AQAP gunned down an intelligence official in Lahj.

Strike on AQAP weapons convoy in Shabwa kills 5 fighters

The US killed six al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in a drone strike on a vehicle in the Wadi Abida area of Marib province. Security forces killed Majed al Matiri, a local AQAP commander from Saudi Arabia, during fighting in Shabwa.

US drone strike kills 6 AQAP fighters in central Yemen

The strike took place in the Wadi Abida district in Marib province. US drones have targeted the area six times since October 2012.

An al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula suicide bomber killed 10 soldiers and a civilian in an attack at a military police headquarters in Mukalla. Yemeni officials claimed that security forces have killed and wounded hundreds of AQAP fighters and dozens of leaders during operations in the south since April 29.

Debate grows over proposal for CIA to turn over drones to Pentagon

Yemen Shooting Opens Window on US Clandestine Operations

In Yemen, a Counterterrorism Challenge

Security forces killed seven al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters during a shootout in Abyan and Shabwa provinces. Gunmen killed three soldiers in Sana'a. A CIA officer and a US military officer killed two kidnappers in Sana'a last month.

Yemen Braces for al Qaeda Reprisals over Army Offensive

Pakistani, Algerian, French al Qaeda fighters killed or captured during Yemeni operation

A bomb expert from the Russian Republic of Dagestan was also reported to have been killed during the Yemeni military offensive in the south.

Four soldiers and three al Qaeda fighters were killed during AQAP attacks on two security checkpoints in Sana'a. Three people were killed as AQAP ambushed the defense minister's convoy in Abyan. Security forces killed a Saudi AQAP fighter and captured two French fighters, who were identified as Mourad Abdulla Abad and Taha al Issawi.

CIA's plan to retrench in Afghanistan worries US military

Yemen FM: War against al Qaeda will take years

Security forces killed an al Qaeda operative thought to be behind kidappings and murders of foreigners and others in the capital. The military has entered the AQAP stronghold of Azzan in Shabwa and killed two AQAP operatives. The US closed down its embassy in Sana'a due to security concerns.