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Twenty people were killed as Houthi rebels clashed with government forces and tribe in Al Jawf in northern Yemen. Three Yemeni explosives experts and 10 civilians were killed in a bombing in Lahj.

AQAP ideologue praises jihadi victories in Iraq, comments on Berghdal release

AQAP bomb kills 13 in Lahj

Yemeni president vows relentless fight against militants

AQAP claims killing of 50 Yemeni soldiers in Seyoun attack

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed via Twitter that its fighters had killed more than 50 Yemeni soldiers in an attack on the 1st Military District headquarters in Seyoun on Aug. 7.

Yesterday, US drones killed three suspected al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in a strike in the Wadi Abida area of Marib. AQAP launched attacks against government buildings in Lahj; an intelligence official was gunned down in Huta.

US drone strike kills 3 AQAP fighters in central Yemen

The strike took place in the al Qaeda stronghold of Wadi Abida. In eastern Yemen, the military and AQAP have been battling for control of Hadramout province.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters kidnapped 14 soldiers who were traveling on a bus from Hadramout to Sana'a, and executed them. The military sent reinforcements to the town of Qatn in Hadramout after heavy fighting in the area. AQAP threatened to "punish" prosecuters and other legal officials who rule against the group.

The Yemeni military said it killed 25 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters over the pst two days while battling to protect the city of Seyoun in Hadramout province. Yesterday, AQAP fighters killed five soldiers in an ambush in Habban in Shabwa province.

A Yemeni military official claimed that al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is in effective control of the eastern province of Hadramout. "Local authorities in Hadramout are non-existent and Al Qaeda is running it." A senior general denied the report.

Saudi Arabia losing influence in Yemen

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula killed six soldiers and wounded three more during an ambush on a military patrol in Qatan in Hadramout province. On Aug. 2, the military announced a ceasefire with Houthi rebels in Al Jawf province.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters gunned down four policemen at a checkpoint in Ataq, the provincial capital of Shabwa in southern Yemen. Three civilians were killed as the military and tribes clashed in Marib province in central Yemen. Tribesmen were attempting to stop engineers from repairing pipeline that was sabotaged.

Yemen hands over 8 suspected AQAP members to Saudi Arabia

AQAP releases 5th installment of 'Repulsion of Aggression' video series

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has released the fifth installment of its "Repulsion of Aggression" video series, detailing three coordinated attacks in the city of Seyoun in Yemen's Hadramout province on June 26.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula gunned down an infantry colonel as he was driving in Lawdar in Abyan province. The colonel led troops in an offensive against AQAP in Abyan in 2012. AQAP released photographs of the March 18 suicide attack on a military intelligence headquarters in Lahj.

AQAP releases photos and video of attack on military intelligence HQ

AQAP attacks in 3 southern Yemeni provinces

At least eight people are thought to have been killed when al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula launched suicide assaults against three military outposts in Abyan province on July 26. The US Embassy has made contact with Sharif Mobley, an American who is wanted for killing a Yemeni guard as he escaped custody while at a hospital in 2010.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula killed four soldiers at a checkpoint in Baydah. Houthi rebels claimed to have withdrawn their forces from Amran. A British citizen who was kidnapped in February was released.