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Security forces arrested "a terrorist group" in the Tawahi district in Aden. The terrorists were manufacturing explosive devices and "Jihadist publications" were also found.

AQAP confirms Anwar al Awlaki killed in US drone strike

Awlaki-AQAP-martyrdom-statement.jpgIn a statement released online, AQAP has confirmed that Anwar al Awlaki was killed in a US airstrike late last month. AQAP references the debate in the US over the legality of killing Awlaki, who was an American citizen.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed Yemen troops have withdrawn from areas of Zinjibar and abandoned their weapons. The opposition doubts President Saleh will step aside.

Pakistan contacts Saudi Arabia, Yemen to repatriate Bin Laden's wives

President Saleh claimed he will step down over the next several days. The commander of the 25th Mechanized Brigade claimed al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula will be driven from Abyan in the next several days. A policemen was killed in a bombing in Aden.

Nobel's Karman 'the mother of Yemen's revolution'

Anwar al Awlaki sheltered in homes of senior Islah party members

US Predators kill 5 AQAP fighters in southern Yemen

The US is known to have carried out nine airstrikes in Yemen this year. The campaign is focusing on AQAP operatives who pose a direct threat to the US.

Samir Khan, American Jihadi

Twelve Ansar al Sharia fighters were killed in Ja'ar, and four soldiers and three al Qaeda fighters were killed in Zinjibar. The military killed eight civilians during shelling in Taiz.

The Yemeni government denied reports that Yemeni Air Force fighter-bombers killed 30 soldiers during strikes in Abyan province. "Such news is unfounded," the official news service of the state claimed.

Trial to Start in Attempt to Use Bomb Aboard Jet

Women's rights campaigner warns of Islamists behind Yemen uprising

Analysis: Yemen sinks deeper in conflict as Saleh clings on

Report: Al-Qaida's Yemen chiefs still menace US

Women's rights campaigner warns of Islamists behind Yemen uprising

AQAP's senior bomb maker Asiri not killed in strike that killed Awlaki

ibrahim-asiri.jpgA Yemeni official told The Long War Journal that Ibrahim Hassan Tali al Asiri is alive, but named two other al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters killed in the strike.

In Yemen, One Islamist Dead, Many More in Arms

Yemeni al-Qaeda took a blow but remains a threat to US

Awlaki Strike Shows US Shift to Drones in Terror Fight