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Security forces said they captured six Somalis in Abyan who were working with al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The Red Cross visited 72 Yemeni soldiers who are currently in AQAP custody after being captured in Al Koud two weeks ago.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has moved a female Swiss hostage from Hudiyah to their stronghold in Abyan province. AQAP is demanding a $1.2 million ransom to secure her release.

'Missiles from the sea' kill 16 AQAP fighters in Zinjibar

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is said to have kidnapped a Swiss woman and reportedly is demanding the release of two AQAP prisoners in exchange for her release.

Iran is providing weapons, including EFPs, to Houthi rebels in the north. The White House continues to support the detention of a Yemeni journalist who was convicted of working with al Qaeda.

The bin Laden plot to kill President Obama

US says Manning helped Al-Qaeda with leaks

Yemenis: Ousted leader undermining al-Qaida fight

US drone strike kills 4 AQAP fighters

The strike took place in the southern province of Al Baydah, and is the fourth drone strike in Yemen since March 9.

Aiding Yemen Rebels, Iran Seeks Wider Mideast Role

Yemeni Salafists formed a political party. President Hadi replaced the commanders of several key military units. Former President Saleh demanded that 10 of his political opponents go into exile along with him.

An al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula suicide bomber killed four Yemeni soldiers in an attack at a checkpoint near Al Baydah. The attack took place in the city where US drones killed 20 AQAP fighters just days ago.

Yemeni Interior Ministry unveils terrorist plans against government facilities

The US killed three al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters on March 11 in an airstrike in Jaar. The spokesman of the Houthis said the tribes are preventing them from ousting the Americans from Yemen.

AQAP demands prisoner exchange for 73 captured Yemeni soldiers

US drone strike kills 3 AQAP fighters in Yemen

The US has carried out three airstrikes in Yemen from March 9 to March 11. Two took place in Jaar, a city controlled by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

US air raids on Qaeda arms caches in Yemen: witnesses

Two al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed in a premature detonation in Mudiyah in Abyan province. Security forces arrested four Shabaab fighters in Mudiyah.

Al-Qaeda makes 'alarming' advances in Yemen, UN envoy warns

At least 38 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters and commanders are reported to have been killed in airstrikes in Jaar and Al Baydah. Abdulwahhab al Homaiqani, the commander for Al Baydah, is said to have been killed.