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Fifty-six al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters, four soldiers, and three tribesmen were killed during the second day of fighting in Lawder in Abyan province. Eight soldiers and five AQAP fighters were killed in a clash in Marib province.

AQAP, Yemeni forces battle in south

Yemeni officials offer guarantees for repatriation of detainees

Osama bin Laden's widows and children 'shown in video'

Twenty-three al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters, nine Yemeni soldiers, and a tribesman were killed in a clash in Lauder in Abyan province. AQAP killed two soldiers in Aden. Yemeni troops loyal to the former Air Force commander looted the Al Dailami airbase.

US drones killed eight AQAP fighters in Shabwa; Yemeni aircraft killed 16 AQAP fighters in Al Koud. The international airport in Sana'a was reopened one day after the former chief of the air force shut it down in protest for being dismissed.

US drones kill 8 AQAP fighters in southern Yemen

predator-uav.jpgThree foreign "Arabs" and five Yemeni members of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula are said to have been killed in the strike in Shabwa province.

Forces loyal to the former commander of Yemen's air force, the brother-in-law of former President Saleh who was dismssed on Friday by President Hadi, shut down the airport in Sana'a. The capital was plunged into darkness as forces loyal to Saleh attacked power lines from Marib.

Yemen air force grounds flights at Sana'a airport

An al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula suicide bomber killed himself in a premature detonation while attempting to assassinate an intelligence official in Aden. President Hadi fired the chief of the air force, who is also former President Saleh's half brother.

Yemeni warplanes killed 10 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in Abyan. AQAP claimed credit for the bombing of gas pipelines in Shabwa.

Global Jihad Sustained Through Africa

Kenyan military official falsely claims Shabaab spokesman fled Somalia

The military claimed it ousted al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula from its positions in an areas between Lahj and Abyan provinces. The head of the Republican Guard, who is former President Saleh's son, reportedly disobeyed orders from President Hadi to stop the fighting north of Sana'a.

Yemeni aircraft killed 43 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in airstrikes in the Al Milah area in Lahj province. AQAP killed 17 yemeni troops in the town last weekend.

Yemeni aircraft kill 43 AQAP fighters

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula killed seven Yemeni troops in Shibam in Hadramout province. Tribesmen north of Sana'a denied AQAP was fighting government forces there.

Seventeen Yemeni soldiers and 13 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed during fighting in Al Milah. AQAP forces overran a checkpoint and seized two tanks and other weapons before withdrawing to Ja'ar.

The US killed five AQAP fighters and a civilian in two drone strikes in Azzan. "Militants" blew up an LNG pipeline north of Balhalf, a major LNG terminal. The US issued a travel warning to American citizens "due to terrorist activities and civil unrest."

US drone strikes kill 5 AQAP fighters, 1 civilian in southern Yemen

The strikes hit targets in the al Qaeda-controlled city of Azzan. The US has carried out six drone strikes this month, an all-time high for Yemen.