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US Relaxes Drone Rules

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula said an Egyptian known as Abu Musab al Masri was killed in a US drone strike in Shabwa on April 16. The military claimed 46 AQAP fighters were killed during its push to retake control of Zinjibar.

Egyptian jihadist killed in recent US Predator strike in Yemen

Abu-Musab-al-Masri.jpgAbu Musab al Masri was killed in the April 16 strike in Shabwa province. He was detained by Egypt for attempting to wage jihad in iraq but was released.

FBI director Mueller in Yemen as military, anti-al-Qaida campaign picks pace

US drones killed al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula commander Mohammed Saeed al Umda in one of two strikes over the past several days. The military claimed it has retaken control of the center of Zinjibar. Members of parliament are pushing for talks with AQAP.

Seven al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed in two airstrikes in Shabwa and Abyan provinces. "Gunmen" killed a security official in Hadramout. AQAP said it would execute 73 Yemeni soldiers on April 30 if AQAP fighters in prison are not released.

Pentagon establishes Defense Clandestine Service, new espionage unit

Militants and Politics Bedevil Yemen's New President

The military claimed that 20 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed during airstrikes in Lawdar and Samda. A Frenchman working for the Red Cross was kidnapped in Hudayda.

Brennan on bin Laden raid, and "dangerous" Yemen

The military claimed 10 Saudi and three Somali al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed while fighting in Abyan. Eight people were killed during clashes between Salafists and Houthis in Saada. A military officer in Aden was reportedly arrested for supplying weapons to AQAP.

The military claimed that 27 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed during clashes and airstrikes in Zinjibar and Lawdar. Two soldiers were killed during fighting near Zinjibar. The Interior Ministry said that AQAP is planning a suicide assault on the LNG plant in Balhaf.

The CIA wants to expand the drone campaign in Yemen, including the use of "signature strikes" against groups of armed fighters. Yemen LNG plans to restart exports in May after its infrastructure was attacked in March.

CIA seeks new authority to expand Yemen drone campaign

Ex-Gitmo detainee delivers ransom demands for kidnapped Saudi

Shedoky.JPGAn ex-Gitmo detainee phoned Saudi authorities with the ransom demands for a kidnapped Saudi diplomat. The Saudi official was kidnapped by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in southern Yemen.

Officials said that six al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed in airstrikes in Lawdar and four more were killed in Ja'ar. Pakistan has delayed the deportation of Osama bin Laden's wives and children to Yemen.

Sudanese al Qaeda fighter killed in Yemen

Bara'a Muhammad Salim al Sudani is said to have fought in Pakistan under al Qaeda military leader Abu Laith al Libi before joining al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Yemen airstrike kills six Qaeda-linked fighters: government

Bin Laden's Family to Leave Pakistan Overnight

An al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula suicide bomber killed three people in Abyan. AQAP threatened to kill the Saudi diplomat who was kidnapped on March 28.