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4 AQAP fighters killed in drone strike in southern Yemen

predator-uav.jpgTwo of the men were identified as Hussein Rubai and Fahad al Harithi, and "were known for ties to al Qaeda and provided shelter for militants."

Security forces detained three suicide bombers in Sana'a. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula released a video of a captured Saudi diplomat. Saudi Arabia is reopening its embassy in Sana'a.

Security forces killed an al Qaeda leader and detained nine more in Dhale province. The government said that 13 AQAP plots to attack embassies in Sana'a were foiled. Seven soldiers were poisoned at a checkpoint in Sana'a.

Al-Qaeda plotting to bomb US plane: report

Jordanian cleric extols jihad at funeral of AQAP fighter

Omar-Mahdi-Zeidan.jpgOmar Mahdi Zeidan offered religious justification for waging jihad against Muslims. His brother was killed in a US drone strike in North Waziristan in early 2010.

Yemeni soldiers near Sana'a kidnapped a brigade commander after not being paid for three months. Security forces detained members of an al Qaeda cell responsible for the May 21 suicide attack in Sana'a that killed more than 100 soldiers. Security officials said that some AQAP fighters have fled to Oman.

AQAP regroups in Abyan province

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has established a new base in the Al Mahfad area in Abyan province. Yemen's foreign minister admitted that the US is conducting drone strikes against AQAP.

US drones killed an al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula commander and two fighters in a strike in Aden. Five AQAP fighters escaped from a prison in Hodeidah.

US drones kill AQAP commander, 2 fighters in southern Yemen

An unnamed al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula leader is said to have been killed in the strike in Aden.

The Yemen Executive Mine Action Center said that 25 people, including three engineers, have been killed in land mines that have been planted in Abyan province by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Engineering teams have blown up more than 2,400 bombs and shells left by AQAP.

Yemen oil route reopens after military pullout

Two Yemeni soldiers and three al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed during fighting in Marib province. The AQAP fighters were attempting to destroy a power line.

The Yemeni military said it has regained full control of the city of Azzan in Shabwa province from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The terror group seized control of Azzan one year ago.

Zarqawi's nephew killed in Yemen drone strike

Muhammad Fazi al Harasheh, or Abu Hammam, waged jihad in Iraq in 2003 and 2005, and fought in Yemen for five months before being killed in a strike this spring.

Analysis: Somali rebels bruised, but may dodge knockout blow

Security forces captured Sami Dayyan, a local al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula leader, and two fighters as they traveled from Aden to Lahj. Dayyan is believed to be involved in the assassination of the south's top military commander.

AQAP claims assassination of Yemen's southern military commander

A Red Cross worker was killed yesterday in Abyan province. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed credit for the suicide attack in Aden that killed the south's top military commander. The US is giving an additional $52 million in aid to Yemen.

US weighs plan to send military aircraft to aid Yemen