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The US is providing $112 million in military aid and training to Yemen this year. Iran denied Yemeni government officials' claims that it was interfering in Yemen's internal affairs.

A senior counterterrorism police colonel who targeted al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula operatives in Yemen was assassinated in a car bombing in Aden. AQAP is thought to have carried out the attack.

Two al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters and an Army officer were killed in separate clashes. Police arrested members of an "Iranian spy cell" run by the IRGC. President Hadi urged Iran to cease interfering in Yemen.

A soldier from Central Security was captured while smuggling an explosive belt into a military camp. The soldier was preparing to detonate it during a parade on July 17.

Gunmen killed a prison director, his daughter, and two guards in an attack on a convoy in Taiz. Yemeni Salafists are seeking a greater role in the country's political transition.

An al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula operative killed himself in a premature detonation at his workshop in Sana'a. A French aid worker who was kidnapped three months ago was freed.

Inside Yemen's Shadow War

Al-Qaeda free to tighten its grip on Africa

Security forces are searching for three bomb makers from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Dagestan who are believed to be attempting to travel to Idb or Dhale. Officials increased security in Sana'a one day after 10 people were killed in a suicide attack.

Arab spring took British intelligence by surprise, report says

A suicide bomber killed more than 20 people in an attack that targeted police cadets outside of a training center in Sana'a. The Yemeni military killed a senior Southern Movement leader in Aden.

Suicide bomber kills 20 police cadets in Yemeni capital

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has carried out two major suicide attacks in the Yemeni capital since mid-May; both targeted security forces.

Would Al Qaeda's Wildfire 'Ember Bomb' Really Work?

Two al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters who escaped from a prison in Hudiayah were recaptured in Dhale. Soldiers freed a brigade commander who failed to pay his troops.

US urged to recruit master hackers to wage cyber war on al-Qaida

Security forces killed four protesters at a secessionist rally in Aden. The military said more than 40 al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula fighters are en route to Aden to free fellow fighters from a jail.

Turkish jihadist magazine Islamic World published

Security officials said they seized documents from al Qaeda operatives on plans to establish Islamic emirates in Lahj and Sayoon. Sheikh Abdul Majeed al Zindani denied US claims that he is tied to al Qaeda.

The Yemeni military said it killed and wounded more than 20 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in airstrikes in Shabwa province. Three soldiers and two civilians were killed in an IED attack in Lahj.

US drones killed four al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in Shabwa. The military said it captured four Egyptians, two Jordanians, a Somali, a Tunisian, and a Dagestani during raids against AQAP. An intelligence officer was killed in a bombing in Sana'a.