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Eight al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters, four soldiers, and five civilian militiamen were killed in fighting in the south. Three US trainers for the Yemeni Coast Guard came under attack in Hodeida. AQAP emir Nasir al Wuhayshi urged his followers to continue fighting the military.

Thirty al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters and 13 Yemeni soldiers were killed during fighting outside of Jaar. The governor of Abyan claimed that Jaar would be liberated from AQAP within days and that Lawdar is now free of AQAP influence.

Yemen says air strikes, troops kills seven militants

Yemeni troops killed 11 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in the south. More than 160,000 Yemenis have been displaced from Abyan due to fighting. Abu Musab al Zarqawi's nephew is fighting alongside Ansar al Sharia.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq founder's nephew is militant in Yemen

US drones killed two al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in Hadramout. The military claimed it ejected AQAP from Lawdar, Modia, and Al Wadea. A senior Southern Movement leader is urging his followers to fight AQAP.

Yemeni secessionist dangles pledge to fight al Qaeda

Yemeni military says troops forcing al-Qaida to retreat in southern stronghold

US airstrike kills 2 AQAP operatives in eastern Yemen

The US has conducted six drone strikes in Yemen over the past week.

US escalates clandestine war in Yemen

FBI Chief Says Leak on Qaeda Plot Is Under Investigation

US drones killed eight civilians and seven al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in two strikes in Jaar. Seventeen AQAP fighters and three security personnel were killed in fighting in Lawdar. US troops are helping coordinate the Yemeni military offensive against AQAP.

US drone strikes kill 7 AQAP fighters, 8 civilians in Yemen

The strikes took place in the al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula-controlled city of Jaar.

US helps Yemen in offensive on al-Qaida in south

Yemenis choose jihad over Iranian support

Seven Yemeni soldiers and 16 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed in airstrikes and fighting near the cities of Zinjibar, Lawdar, and Jaar. Yemeni officials said two Saudi fighters were killed during recent airstrikes in Marib. AQAP bombed an LNG pipeline in Shabwa.

Ex-Member of Somali Terrorist Group Helps a US Prosecution

Al-Qaeda will expose double agent's identity, security chiefs fear

Al-Qaeda leaders believed that British double agent in underwear bomb plot was from radical Islamic family

US drones killed 11 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters, including an Egyptian, in two strikes in Marib. Yemeni officials denied that US troops are in combat in southern Yemen.