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Piracy Around Horn of Africa Has Plunged, US Says

Security forces detained two suspected al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in Aden. "Gunmen" killed a southern separatist after opening fire on a crowd in Aden.

Gunmen opened fire on Transportion Minister Waed Abdullah Bathib's car in Sana'a; he was not wounded. Bathib is a member of the Yemen Socialist Party in Aden.

Police detained six suspected al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula operatives during a raid in the southern port city of Aden. One of those detained was a mosque imam.

A pipeline that feeds the Balhaf export terminal was bombed. Fighting broke out at an intelligence headquarters in Aden between government troops and suspected "militants"; no casualties were reported.

A "crazed gunman" killed nine people in a crowd that gathered outside of a mosque in Al Dhale. A southern secessionist movement leader who was detained after returning to Yemen from exile has been released.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula killed 14 soldiers in a coordinated attack on an intelligence headquarters in Aden. Sixty-two Yemeni soldiers will be prosecuted for participating in an attack on the Defense Ministry.

AQAP attacks intelligence headquarters in Aden

AQAP rebuilding in Jaar?

Jihadist identifies Tunisian fighter killed in recent US drone strike in Yemen

abu-hafs-al-tunisi.jpgAbu Hafs al Tunisi was among five foreign fighters killed in the Aug. 8 strike in Al Baydah province. He was imprisoned in Tunisia before joining al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula sometime after the Tunisian uprising last year.

A southern separatist leader who was in exile in Britain was arrested as he landed at the airport in Aden. Britain has increased aid to Yemen to $300 million.

Republican Guard forces surrounded the Defense Ministry and clashed with guards. The Republican Guard is led by one of former President Saleh's sons, who opposes changes that have reduced his power.

Insight: Mimicking al Qaeda, militant threat grows in Sinai

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has freed a Swiss teacher who was kidnapped in Hodieda four months ago. AQAP doubled the ransom of a Saudi diplomat who was captured in March to $20 million.

Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al Qirbi said that the government would negotiate with al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula if it agrees to renounce violence. President Hadi announced a major reorganization of the military and security forces.

Echoes of Iraq: Yemen's War Against al-Qaeda Takes a Familiar Turn

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula killed Brigadier General Omar Salem Barashid, the director of the Command and Staff College, in an IED attack in Mukalla in Hadramout province. President Hadi suspended 450 National Security officials accused of kidnapping protesters.

US drone strikes in Yemen defended

Security forces arrested four al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters as they were traveling to Aden. The military identified the foreign AQAP fighters killed in a drone strike in Baydah two days ago. The US has increased aid to Yemen to $337 million.

The leader of a pro-government militia in Abyan escaped an assassination attempt. Security forces detained seven al Qaeda operatives, including a Somali, in Jaar, and seized more than 20 suicide vests in a shop in Sana'a.