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Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula killed 20 soldiers in an attack on a government building in Jabal Ras in Hodeidah; three al Qaeda fighters were also killed. Houthi rebels killed two guards and a civilian in an attack on the Islah Party headquarters in Ibb.

AQAP eulogizes fighter killed in attack on Saudi border crossing

Yesterday, a suicide bomber killed 20 people in an attack on Shiite Houthis in the Manesseh area of Baydah province. More than 250 people have been killed in the fighting in Manesseh between al Qaeda and the Houthis over the previous three days. AQAP killed a soldier in an IED attack in Hadramout.

AQAP profiles slain media operative tied to Ayman al Zawahiri's brother

On Oct. 20, AQAP released a biography for Mustafa Ali, an Egyptian who was killed in a US drone strike in late 2013. The group says he sought "knowledge" from Mohammed al Zawahiri, the younger brother of Ayman al Zawahiri, while imprisoned in Egypt.

Houthi fighters advanced into the Manasseh area in Baydah province, an al Qaeda in the Arabian Penisula stronghold. The US launched a drone strike in Manasseh on Oct. 24; Abdulrauf Dhahab, AQAP's local commander in Rada'a, is reported to have been killed in the strike. Houthis have been given the ministries of justice, oil and mineral resources, electricity and energy, culture, civil service, and vocational education in the new government.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula reportedly beat back the Shiite Houthi rebels' advance on the city of Rada'a in the central province of Baydah. Thirty Houthis and 18 AQAP fighters are reported to have been killed. AQAP claimed it captured 12 Houthi fighters and six armored vehicles. US drones killed three AQAP operatives near Rada'a.

Al Qaeda militants push back Shi'ite rebels' advance on central Yemen stronghold

3 AQAP fighters reported killed in US drone strike

The strike took place in Baydah, where al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is battling Shiite Houthi rebels for control of the central province.

AQAP claims credit for series of attacks in Yemen

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has claimed credit for 16 attacks over the past several days as it battles Houthi rebels for control of central Yemen.

Houthi rebels took control of the city of Ibb and advanced to the outskirts of Rada'a,where they fought with al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. AQAP killed a Huthi military officer in Sana'a. Yesterday, a US drone strike killed an AQAP commander and three fighters in Shabwa.

AQAP, Houthis clash in central Yemen

On Oct. 15, AQAP fighters checked the Houthi advance in Bayda province and seized the al Adayn directorate in Ibb following the fall of Ibb city at the hands of the Shi'ite rebels.

AQAP claims attacks in Hadramout, Shabwa, and Abyan

Houthi rebels seize Hodeidah and Dhamar

Houthi rebels seized the strategic port city of Hodeidah on the Red Sea coast as well as the central Yemeni city of Dhamar on Oct. 14.

US drone strike kills AQAP commander in Shabwa

The strike in Shabwa reportedly killed an AQAP military commander.

AQAP attacks Yemeni military in Hadramout

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula attacked several military targets in Yemen's eastern Hadramout province between Oct. 9 and Oct. 13, killing about 40 Yemeni soldiers.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed it carried out two attacks in Sana'a over the past two days. An attack on Oct. 10 targeted Houthi leader Ibrahim al Mahtouri with a "sticky bomb" attached to his car. A suicide attack in the capital on Oct. 9 killed dozens of Houthis.

AQAP claims credit for attacks in Sana'a

AL Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula killed nearly 70 people in two suicide attacks in Sana'a and Mukallah. In the capital, a suicide bomber killed an estimated 43 people in an attack at a pro-Houthi rally. In Mukallah, a suicide assault team killed 20 Yemeni soldiers in an attack at a checkpoint outside the city.

AQAP suicide attacks kill scores in Sana'a and Hadramout

Simultaneous suicide attacks in Sana'a and Hadramout left at least 63 people dead today in Yemen.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula launched attacks against a Special Forces headquarters, a police station, and two military checkpoints in the city of Baydah. At least 10 police officers were reported killed in the fighting. The attack against the Special Forces headquarters was carried out by a suicide bomber.