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US strategy against Islamic State to mirror counterterrorism efforts in Yemen, Somalia

Obama described the counterterrorism strategy in Yemen and Somalia as "one that we have successfully pursued ... for years." However, several years of cooperation with willing partners have yielded questionable results.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula killed two soldiers and wounded seven more in a suicide attack and assault on a checkpoint in Hadramout province. Police opened fire on Houthi protesters and killed seven of them after they attempted to storm government buildings in the capital of Sana'a.

AQAP releases video and pictures of attack in Hadramout

Obama says will 'degrade and destroy' Islamic State

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula suicide bombers killed six soldiers in two separate attacks in Shabwa province. AQAP executed three "spies" who were accused of providing information for US drone strikes. Twenty-one people were killed as Houthi rebels and pro-government tribal forces clashed outside Sana'a.

A general was killed in a bombing that targeted his car in Aden. Three soldiers were killed in an IED attack on their convoy in Hadramout. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is accused of having executed both attacks.

The Yemeni military deployed armored vehicles and troops in the capital of Sana'a after thousands of Houthis launched a protest to force the resignation of the government. The Yemeni government paid out more than $1 million to compensate innocent victims of US drone strikes.

Six al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters and three Yemeni soldiers were killed during raids and clashes in Qatn in Hadramout province. The US killed three AQAP fighters in a drone strike along the border with Saudi Arabia in Hadramout.

US drone kills 3 AQAP fighters in eastern Yemen

The airstrike took place in a province in eastern Yemen where the terror group has been battling the government for control.

Terror finance worries may curb Doha kidnap mediation

Three security personnel and two al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed during fighting in Hadramout. Ansar al Shariah, AQAP's political front, expressed "solidarity" with the Islamic State after the US launched airstrikes. An aide to former president Salih said the plot to kill the erstwhile leader was foiled.

Twenty people were killed as Houthi rebels clashed with government forces and tribe in Al Jawf in northern Yemen. Three Yemeni explosives experts and 10 civilians were killed in a bombing in Lahj.

AQAP ideologue praises jihadi victories in Iraq, comments on Berghdal release

AQAP bomb kills 13 in Lahj

Yemeni president vows relentless fight against militants

AQAP claims killing of 50 Yemeni soldiers in Seyoun attack

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed via Twitter that its fighters had killed more than 50 Yemeni soldiers in an attack on the 1st Military District headquarters in Seyoun on Aug. 7.

Yesterday, US drones killed three suspected al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in a strike in the Wadi Abida area of Marib. AQAP launched attacks against government buildings in Lahj; an intelligence official was gunned down in Huta.

US drone strike kills 3 AQAP fighters in central Yemen

The strike took place in the al Qaeda stronghold of Wadi Abida. In eastern Yemen, the military and AQAP have been battling for control of Hadramout province.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters kidnapped 14 soldiers who were traveling on a bus from Hadramout to Sana'a, and executed them. The military sent reinforcements to the town of Qatn in Hadramout after heavy fighting in the area. AQAP threatened to "punish" prosecuters and other legal officials who rule against the group.

The Yemeni military said it killed 25 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters over the pst two days while battling to protect the city of Seyoun in Hadramout province. Yesterday, AQAP fighters killed five soldiers in an ambush in Habban in Shabwa province.