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Two pro-government militiamen and three al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed in clashes in Jaar in Abyan. Three tribesmen were killed while fighting with government troops in Marib. A senior police official in Hadramout escaped an assassination attempt.

CIA begins sizing up Islamic extremists in Syria for drone strikes

A pro-government militia in Jaar tried and executed an al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula operative for his involvement in a suicide attack that killed 40 people last year. A militia in Jaar claimed to have dismantled an al Qaeda cell operating in the city.

Security forces killed an al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighter as he was planting a roadside bomb in Lawder in Abyan province. The Yemeni coast guard seized another Iranian ship, the Jihan 2, as it was transporting weapons.

US drones killed an al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula commander for Marib province and a fighter in recent strikes in Marib. "Militants" again bombed a major pipeline in Marib.

A suicide bomber killed 12 people and wounded 17 more in an attack on a pro-government militia's headquarters in Lawder. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula said it rejected the government's efforts to negotiate a peace agreement.

AQAP releases 10th copy of Inspire; features Adam Gadahn

The American traitor calls for the continuation of attacks against the West, while a cleric known as Ibrahim Yayha says the death of Osama bin Laden has invigorated al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula released a new edition of Inspire magazine. The English-language magazine features an article by Adam Gadahn, the American traitor who works with al Qaeda's core leadership cadre.

US military may take over part of CIA drone war

The Southern Secessionist Movement announced that it has begun armed opposition to the government in Sana'a. A senior security official and his bodyguard were gunned down in Baydah province.

The United Nations warned Yemen's former president and vice president that they would face sanctions if they interfered in the political process. A Dutch citizen was kidnapped in the capital of Sana'a; no group has claimed responsibility.

A Yemeni journalist linked to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed that the group would soon announce the death of Sheikh Adel al Abab in a drone strike. Security forces detained three AQAP fighters in Abyan province.

Exclusive: U.N. monitors see arms reaching Somalia from Yemen, Iran

"Gunmen" bombed a pipeline in the Wadi Abida area in Marib; the military responded by firing artillery. The leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Rada'a is said to be in Sana'a to conduct talks with the government.

Push to Expand US 'Kill List'

The government called on Iran to halt weapons shipments to Houthi rebels and Southern separatists. The Iranian press accused the US and Israel of blaming Iran for shipping weapons. Ten people were killed in an explosion at an arms depot in Hajja.

CIA 'operating drone base in Saudi Arabia'

Prominent al Qaeda leader killed in drone strike in 2012

Abd el Kader Mahmoud Mohamed el Sayed was a close advisor to al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri and served as a military commander in Afghanistan before he was killed. El Sayed was involved in the Luxor massacre and, while living in Milan, was recorded by Italian intelligence discussing terror plots against the West.

Houthis and Salafists fought in Saada province in northern Yemen; casualties on both sides were reported. Saudi Arabia requested that Yemen extradite the widow of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's former deputy emir, Said al Shihri.

Four Somalis and two Saudi al Qaeda fighters are reported to have been killed during clashes in Maneseeh in Baydah province. The government will prosecute more than 200 AQAP fighters. Iran denied that it chartered a ship that was carrying weapons for rebels. A Hezbollah delegation reportedly met with Yemeni officials and tribal leaders.