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US drones killed two al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in a strike in Lahj. AQAP fighters killed five soldiers in an attack at a checkpoint outside of the Balhaf liquefied natural gas export terminal in Hadramout province.

US kills 2 AQAP fighters in drone strike in southern Yemen

The US has launched nine strikes in Yemen in the past 14 days. The strike in Lahj is the first recorded in the southern province.

Yemen Terror Boss Left Blueprint for Waging Jihad

Analysis: Recent embassy closures triggered by Zawahiri communications with multiple subordinates

The Long War Journal has confirmed a report by the Daily Beast saying that multiple al Qaeda operatives were involved in the intercepted communications that led to the closure of more than 20 US diplomatic facilities.

US drones killed six al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula operatives and two civilians in a pair of strikes in Hadramout province. Yemeni officials are denying that AQAP plotted to take over the city of Mukallah and two petroleum export facilities.

Al Qaeda Yemen Branch Plot Prompted U.S. Alert

Yemen Steps Back from Plot Claims, Highlighting US Challenge

Al-Qaeda's Yemen branch eyes a new haven

US targets AQAP in 2 more drone strikes, kills 6 operatives

The US has dramatically stepped up its targeting of AQAP as a plot to attack US facilities has unfolded. There have been four strikes in the past two days, and eight in 12 days.

Dutch embassy in Yemen was potential terror target: Foreign Minister

Aussies working with al-Qa'ida identified amid calls for Yemeni evacuation

US drones struck for the fifth time in 11 days, killing seven al Qaeda operatives in a strike in Shabwa province. The government said it foiled an al Qaeda plot to take control of the provincial capital of Mukallah and seize the Balhaf and Al Dabbah gas and oil export facilities.

US strikes twice in Yemen, kills 11 AQAP operatives in drone attacks

The US has launched six strikes in 11 days. The strikes are part of a US effort hit al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, whose emir is at the center of the plot to conduct attacks on Western targets.

US kills 4 AQAP operatives in Yemen drone strike

The strike, which took place in the central province of Marib, is the fourth in Yemen in 10 days.

The government released a list of 25 most-wanted terrorists, including Ibrahim Sulaiman Mohammed al Rubaish, a key leader in al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and former Guantanamo detainee. The government offered a $23,000 reward for information leading to the capture of any of the wanted men, who are believed to be planning terrorist attacks in the capital and in a number of governorates against foreign offices and organizations as well as Yemeni installations.

The US issued the order to close 22 diplomatic facilities across the Muslim world after receiving intelligence in Yemen of a plot by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. France, Britain, and Germany will also close their embassies on Aug. 4. One person was killed after former Republican Guards troops clashed with Presidential Guards soldiers in Sana'a.

Local AQAP commander reported killed in recent US drone strike

Al Khidr Husayn al Ja'dani, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's emir for Abyan province, is thought to have been killed in the July 30 strike. He replaced an AQAP leader who was involved in the USS Cole attack.

US drones killed five al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in a strike at a training camp in the Qatan Valley in Hadramout province. President Hadi is in the US to discuss security issues with Defense Secretary Hagel.

US drones kill 5 AQAP operatives in Yemen

The strike is reported to have taken place at an al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula training camp in the Qatan Valley in the eastern province of Hadramout.

The US killed a Saudi and two Yemeni al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula operatives in a drone strike in Shabwa province. A Saudi diplomat claimed that Iran is smuggling weapons to Shia Houthi rebels via the neighboring country of Oman.