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Several jihadists recruitment cells dismantled in the Maghreb

A Yemeni man was arrested in Taiz for spying for Israel. Saudi Air Force jets have also been targeting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, according to a report.

Saudi jets bolster US drone attacks on Yemen: report

US drones killed Mukbel Abbad, a local al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula commander, and two fighters in a strike in Rada'a in Al Baydah province. Two soldiers were wounded in a grenade attack in Shabwa province.

US drone strike kills local AQAP commander, 2 fighters in central Yemen

A local al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula leader and two fighters were killed in the third strike in Rada'a in Al Baydah province since Dec. 24, 2012.

Security forces detained 11 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters during operations in Dhala. Two escapees from a prison in Hodeidah were also detained.

In Nigeria, trapped between Islamist radicals and security forces

US drones killed three al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in a strike in Rada'a. AQAP offered a reward for the assassination of the US ambassador and US soldiers.

US drones kill 3 AQAP fighters in central Yemen

The US has launched four drone strikes in Yemen since Dec. 24. The uptick in attacks takes place after a nearly seven-week-long pause.

A Yemeni intelligence officer was assassinated in the capital of Hadramout province by suspected al Qaeda militants. The commander of Yemen's central military region deployed an infantry brigade to Marib province to stop armed tribesmen who maintain ties with al Qaeda from attacking oil pipelines. Yemen's Navy claimed its forces have intercepted an Iranian ship trying to deliver weapons to the country's Shia Houthi rebels.

US drones killed two al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in a drone strike in Hadramout. "Gunmen" blew up an LNG pipeline in Marib just hours after it was repaired from a previous attack.

US drones kill 2 AQAP fighters in eastern Yemen

The US has stepped up drone strikes in the eastern province of Hadramout this year.

A jihadist identified two of the five al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters who were killed in a Dec. 24 drone strike in Hadramout as Abdullah Bawazir and Nabil al Kaldi. Both men escaped from a prison in Mukallah in June 2011.

CIA's Global Response Staff emerging from shadows after incidents in Libya and Pakistan

US drone strategy in Yemen is fraught with peril

Yemeni tribesmen are demanding a ransom in exchange for the release of a Finnish couple and an Austrian man abducted three days ago. Six militants and two soldiers died in clashes near a damaged oil pipeline east of Sanaa, and unidentified gunmen assassinated Brigadier Fadel Mohammed Ali in Sanaa. In a separate attack, gunmen assassinated a Republican Guard colonel in Sanaa's Dar Solom district.

US drones killed six al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters, including a Jordanian, in a pair of strikes in Baydah and Hadramout provinces. One of the Yemenis escaped from prison two years ago.

US drone strikes kill Jordanian, Yemeni AQAP operatives

A Yemeni al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighter who escaped from prison two years ago was killed in the airstrike. The attack is the first reported US drone strike in Yemen in seven weeks.

'Swedes did not commit crime against America'

A court sentenced three al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula operatives to terms of two to six years in prison. The military launched an offensive against "tribesmen" who continue to attack an LNG pipeline in Marib.