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Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula assassinated an officer and a soldier in Aden. Tribes in Hadramout again bombed a oil pipeline. Yemeni officials denied an airstrike took place in Rada'a, and instead claimed three AQAP fighters died in a premature detonation.

President Hadi said that the Yemeni government refuses to extradite `Abd al-Wahhab Muhammad `Abd al-Rahman al Humayqani to the US. In December, al Humayqani was added to the US' list of global terrorists for serving as a leader, facilitator, and fundraiser for AQAP. Tribesmen in Hadramout bombed an oil pipeline.

The Women of al Qaeda

Seventeen people were killed as Shia Houthis and Sunni Salafists clashed in the northern province of Amran. Thirteen people, including a colonel and five soldiers, were killed as the military battled with tribesmen who were halting repairs on the country's main oil pipeline.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula gunned down a colonel in the intelligence branch outside of his home in Aden. AQAP claimed credit for the Dec. 31, 2013 suicide assault on a security headquarters in Aden, and vowed to continue attacking the military.

An al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula suicide assault team attacked a headquarters in Aden; three soldiers were killed while repelling the attack. An AQAP terrorist involved in a 2011 suicide assault in Yemen was given the death sentence.

AQAP suicide assault team targets security HQ in Aden

An al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula suicide assault team was repelled by security forces. AQAP continues to launch suicide attacks and assaults in Aden and throughout Yemen.

"Gunmen" thought to be from the Southern Separatist Movement killed 10 soldiers and overran a military outpost in Lahj. Officials are reportedly questioning senior generals over possible involvement in al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's suicide assault on the Ministry of Defense in Sana'a in early December.

A court sentenced nine al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters to jail terms ranging between two to 10 years in prison. The AQAP fighters were convicted of plotting to assassinate President Hadi by detonating an IED as he traveled to his presidential palace.

Tribesmen in Dhalia clashed with security forces at government buildings; two people were killed. The fighting took place after 19 people were killed when the military shelled a funeral. Tribesmen in Hadramout province bombed an oil pipeline to the port city of Shahr.

US drones kill 2 AQAP fighters in eastern Yemen

The strike took place in Hadramout province, the ancestral home of Osama bin Laden's family, which has become a haven for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

The US killed two al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in a drone strike in Hadramout. Yemeni troops killed 15 civilians in an artillery strike at a funeral of a separatist leader in Al Dhalia province.

Tribesmen in Hadramout province took control of an oil ministry office after a tribal leader was killed earlier this month. A court upheld the convictions and sentences of six al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters.

Yemeni officials deride hypocrisy of al-Qaeda 'lone wolf' claim

"Gunmen" killed three soldiers and wounded four more in a shooting in Hadramout, and killed a tribal leader in Baydah. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula said one of its fighters was wrong for attacking a hospital during the assault on the Ministry of Defense.

Yemeni officials said that the Dec. 12 US drone strike that reportedly killed 15 civilians targeted Shawqi Ali Ahmad al Badani, a wanted mid-level leader in al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula commander. Al Badani is said to be linked to the al Qaeda plot that resulted in the shut of US embassies and diplomatic facilities worldwide.

Syrian conflict said to fuel sectarian tensions in Persian Gulf

Latest Treasury designation targets al Qaeda's fundraising network

A newly released terrorist designation by the Treasury Department highlights the extent and cohesion of al Qaeda's global fundraising network. Treasury reports that Ayman al Zawahiri's main representative in the Levant, Abu Khalid al Suri, has been funneling cash from Gulf donors to al Qaeda.

Yemen's parliament passed a non-binding bill to ban US drone strikes inside the country. A Japanese diplomat was stabbed during a failed kidnapping attempt in the capital of Sana'a.

US drone strike kills civilians in central Yemen

The strike reportedly killed 15 civilians who were traveling in a wedding convoy. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters are thought to have been traveling with the convoy.