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AQAP leader on trial in Yemen

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula executed a man at dawn today in the city of Al Shajar in Hadramout province. AQAP accused the man of being an "American spy" and displayed his body hanging from a pole at a soccer field. The government is prosecuting an AQAP leader for targeting security personnel.

AQAP executes "American Spy"

The US killed four al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters, including Ali Juraym, a commander who fought in Iraq, in a drone strike an Al Jawf province. AQAP nearly assassinated the commander of the Second Armored Brigade in an attack in Shabwa province.

US drones kill al Qaeda operative who fought in Iraq

An al Qaeda commander in northern Yemen known as Ali Juraym was killed in the strike. He previously fought for al Qaeda in Iraq.

The US killed three al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula operatives in a drone strike in Marib. AQAP cleric and leader Sheikh Ma'moun Abdulhamid Hatem escaped the strike. AQAP killed seven soldiers in an ambush and a policeman in a mortar attack on a police station.

US kills 3 AQAP operatives in Yemen drone strike

An al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula leader is said to have been targeted in the strike. Three AQAP operatives, including a wanted commander, are reported to have been killed.

Mainstream UK charities have donated thousands to Islamic group fronted by terror suspect

Twenty-four people are reported to have been killed during clashes between Salafists and Yemeni troops on one side, and Shia Houthi rebels on the other. The fighting took place in Hizm, the provincial capital of Jawf.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula gunned down a general in intelligence in Mukallah, the capital of Hadramout. The UN Security Council approved sanctions against those who prevent the political transition in Yemen; no one has been named to the list, however.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula gunned down a colonel in military intelligence in the town of Ataq in Shabwa province. "Gunmen" kidnapped a female Czech doctor in Sana'a, but then released her shortly afterward.

A terror warning for international flights was issued by the Department of Homeland Security due to intercepted communications from Ibrahim al Asiri, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's master bomb maker. The UN is considering targeted sanctions against former president Saleh and his deputy for disrupting Yemen's political process.

In Yemen, a woman's life entangled with al Qaeda

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is thought to have gunned down a Salafist cleric in Hadramout who has been critical of the terror group. Human Rights Watch released a report stating that a drone strike in Rada'a in December 2013 targeted a wedding party and all 12 people killed were likely civilians.

Yemeni security forces thwart al Qaeda attack on Aden oil refinery

Security forces recaptured Mohammed Ali al Awami, one of 29 prisoners, including 19 al Qaeda operatives, who were freed during last week's prison break. AQAP launched a complex suicide assault on the central prison in Sana'a to to free the inmates.

Female AQAP fundraiser reportedly transferred to Saudi Arabia

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula assaulted the central prison in Sana'a in a complex attack, killing seven guards and freeing 29 prisoners, including 19 AQAP fighters. Some of the AQAP fighters who have been freed were on death row. A British teacher was kidnapped in Sana'a.

AQAP storms prison in Yemen's capital, frees al Qaeda operatives

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula freed 19 of its operatives in a complex suicide assault on the central prison in Sana'a.

The government transferred 29 wanted al Qaeda operatives to Saudi Arabia; all 29 operatives are said to be Saudi citizens. A presidential committee recommended that Yemen become a federal state with six autonomous regions.