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Islamic State crisis: World leaders pledge Iraq support

Obama Aide: US Goal to Neutralize IS Threat

Cuts to US defense budget threatened by battle against Islamic State

Islamic State's war chest is growing daily

Kerry says some nations offer ground troops to fight Islamic State

White House: Iraq war vote Obama opposed could be used for ISIS strikes

Report: France aided Somalia al Shabaab leader assassination

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Lawmaker Assails Foreign Donations to Think Tanks

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Nations Trying to Stop Their Citizens From Going to Middle East to Fight for ISIS

For Assad, US offensive will weaken one foe but bolster others

US opposes Iran role in coalition against Islamic State

Islamic State's Twitter silence raises questions

Moderate Muslims' quandary about Islamic State

Kerry plays down hopes of imminent anti-Islamic State coalition

Opponents say Obama will need ground troops against Islamic State

Beating Islamic State will be much harder than Iraq or Afghan wars, officials say

US Pins Hope on Syrian Rebels With Loyalties All Over the Map

The local forces dilemma for Obama in Syria and Iraq