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US firm finds malware targeting visitors to Afghan government websites

UN removes former Somali warlord from sanctions list

The good news in 'Afghanistan's Marshall Plan'

Killing top ISIS leaders won't cripple group: experts

US backed talks between jihadi clerics and ISIS in effort to save hostage's life

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ISIS broadens recruitment beyond fighters

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From Florida to al Qaeda: terror group's external operations chief spent last years at Iran-Pakistan-Afghan border

A Force to Fight ISIS Has Manpower, but Little Firepower

Kerry seeks authority to target Islamic State affiliates anywhere

Ex-CIA Directors: Interrogations Saved Lives

Senate Panel Faults CIA Over Brutality and Deceit in Interrogations

Guantanamo 6 'will enjoy complete freedom' in Uruguay

US General Has Misgivings as Afghanistan Mission Ends

US General: Islamic State fighters on their heels in Iraq

Hostage, Nearly Released on Ransom, Dies During Raid

Israel accused of carrying out airstrikes near Syrian capital