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No Deadline Set for Signing Kabul-Washington Security Pact: MOFA

AQAP confirms death of commander, charges father and son with 'spying' for US

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula confirmed that Adnan al Qadhi, a former military officer and AQAP commander who operated in Sana'a, was killed in a US drone strike last November. AQAP accused a father and his young son of planting a "chip" that guided the US strike to its target.

The US promised to double its nonlethal aid to the Syrian rebels; all foreign aid will go through the rebels' Supreme Military Council. The State Department report on Human Rights Practices for 2012 said the democratic impulses that led to the Arab Spring are at risk of being crushed. The inquiry into the Boston Marathon bombings revealed that slain bomber Tamarlan Tsarnaev was considered a radical Islamist by the FBI, which had investigated him in 2011 at Russia's request.

Boston bombings expose limits of post-9/11 security

Uncertainty behind US escalation on Syria

Bombing probe focuses on 2011 warnings, 2012 Chechnya trip

Kyrgyz Former Neighbors Talk About Tsarnaevs, North Caucasus Ties

Interview: More About Tsarnaev Brothers And Their Ancestral Homeland

Boston Marathon bombing: 'My sons are innocent'

Security forces captured Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, following a daylong search in Watertown, Mass. after his brother Tamarlane, another suspect in the case, died in a clash with police that also killed a policeman. Authorities investigating the case took two other men and a woman into custody in New Bedford, Mass. The US is planning to provide more nonlethal aid to the Syrian opposition, providing it agrees to create an inclusive government that abides by the rule of law.

Profile: Tamerlan And Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Dragnet Shuts Boston; One Suspect Is Slain but Second Man Is on Loose

One suspect in Boston bombing dead, manhunt underway for second suspect

US Arms Deal With Israel and 2 Arab Nations Is Near

The FBI released photos and video of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings, believed to be at large. No suspects have been arrested. The FBI appealed to the public for help in identifying the two men.

US Probes Suspicions Syria Used Chemical Weapons

Taliban in Qatar see no early peace talks with US: sources

Top Obama Officials Differ on Syrian Rebels in Testimony to Congress

The New Mujahideen - Yemeni fighters to support the Free Syrian Army

Investigators are seeking two men in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings. The US is sending 200 soldiers from an Army headquarters unit to Jordan to assist with security along the Syrian border and provide leadership in any operation to secure Syrian chemical weapons. A Mississipi man was arrested for sending letters containing ricin to the White House and the Senate.