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A recently disclosed document seized from Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, reveals that as of March 2010 al Qaeda had detailed plans for attacking critical infrastructure and economic targets in the US and Europe. The US and the UN both added the Malian Islamist group Ansar Dine, which has links to al Qaeda, to their lists of terrorist organizations. Ibrahim Suleiman Adnan Adam Harun, a Saudi Arabian citizen of Niger who was extradited from Italy in 2012, faces US terror charges for al Qaeda activities in several countries.

US, Israel increasingly concerned about construction of Iran's plutonium-producing reactor

Secret report raises alarms on intelligence blind spots because of AQ focus

New al Qaeda document sheds light on Europe, U.S. attack plans

Exclusive: No More Drones For CIA

Benjamin Bishop, a civilian defense contractor with the Pacific Command in Hawaii, was accused of telling US military secrets to his Chinese girlfriend, regarding war plans, nuclear weapons, strategic nuclear systems, and capabilities in detecting low- and medium-range ballistic missiles of other nations. The top US military commander in Europe said several NATO countries are working on contingency plans for possible military action in Syria.

Sectarian Strains Pit Some Iraqis Against Their Own Leaders

Damascus, rebels trade charges on "chemical attack"

US Citizen Is Picked as Syria Opposition's Prime Minister

US - Afghanistan Partnership website launched in Kabul

After The Afghan Pullout, The Dangers For Central Asia

Nigeria: Boko Haram and Alamieyesaigha - Effect On Nigeria-US Relations

The State Department categorically rejected charges by acting Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro that the CIA and the Pentagon were plotting to kill his opposition rival and trigger a coup. Citing development problems and lack of funds, the US cancelled the Phase 4 long-range missile interceptors that had been planned for Poland and Romania.

Controversial weapon Pakistan seeks UN ban on unilateral drone strikes

Israel to ask Obama to use air strikes in case of Syrian missile transfer

Afghan Clerics Warn US on Karzai Demands

The US Military's Africa Command warned that Nigeria-based Boko Haram is increasing its collaboration with al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and said some elements of Boko Haram are looking to attack the US and Europe. Mohammed Rashed, who pled guilty to a 1982 airliner bombing and is linked to numerous other terrorist attacks, will be released on March 20 and deported; his former boss, master bombmaker Abu Ibrahim, remains at large.

CIA begins sizing up Islamic extremists in Syria for drone strikes

US refuse to transfer high-risk prisoners to Afghan control

Hundreds Protest Against US in Wardak