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FBI Looks for Leaks at Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

Trying to build a bomb that won't blow up

Pursuant to an FOIA request, the government released a list of several dozen Guantanamo prisoners slated for indefinite detention. Cliff Sloan was named the State Department's new Guantanamo Bay envoy, replacing Dan Fried, who left in January. At the G-8 meeting in Northern Ireland, President Obama and Russia's President Putin failed to agree on an approach to ending the Syrian conflict. The Pentagon announced plans to buy 30 helicopters from Russia for $572 million for use by Afghan security forces.

FOIA suit reveals Guantánamo's 'indefinite detainees'

Obama's Drone-Master

Snowden's Leaks on China Could Affect Its Role in His Fate

Boris Johnson: We've left it too late to save Syria - this conflict can never be won

Behind Obama's About-Face on Syria

NSA spy programmes thwarted potential terrorist plots in 20 nations: Officials

Syria's rebel fighters brace themselves for Aleppo assault

Taliban fighters shrug off NSA surveillance revelations: 'We knew'

Afghanistan Supports Pakistan's Stance on US Drone Strikes: Karzai

US drones & lawlessness in N. Waziristan

Syria, Russia dismiss US chemical weapons claims

The Defense Department approved a request from Jordan to keep F-16 jets and Patriot missiles there after military exercises end this month. Russia warned that any attempt to use the equipment to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria would violate international law. A judge threw out Maj. Nidal Hasan's "defense of others" legal argument in his trial for the Fort Hood massacre. An unclassified government paper circulated today indicated that calls were searched for fewer than 300 specific phone numbers among the millions of records collected by the NSA in 2012.

US puts jets in Jordan, fuels Russian fear of Syria no-fly zone

The CIA is preparing to deliver arms and ammunition, but not heavy weapons, to the Syrian rebels by way of Turkey and Jordan. President Obama's deputy national security adviser said the US would not send troops to Syria, and would not send heavy weapons for fear they would fall into the hands of the Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda's Syrian affiliate. The US decision to help arm the rebels may indicate the US will no longer ask Qatar and Saudi Arabia to refrain from supplying the antitank and antiaircraft weapons sought by the rebels.

Syria: Britain, US and France in urgent talks on arming rebels

US Agencies Said to Swap Data With Thousands of Firms

Lawmakers: Terrorists change tactics after leaks