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Propaganda war clouds view of Syria conflict

NSC confers on Taliban's political bureau in Qatar

Syrians march in support of Jabhat al-Nusra militants

Hezbollah chief says Al-Qaeda 'tricked' to fight in Syria

As Gold Is Spirited Out of Afghanistan, Officials Wonder Why

European Leaders Push for End to Ban on Arming Syria Rebels

As year ends, US commanders are offering glowing assessments of war progress in Afghanistan

US troops will man Patriot batteries along Turkey's border with Syria

US force in Afghanistan may be smaller than expected after 2014

Vast sums of aid continue to be stolen in Afghanistan

US presses Pakistan on bomb fertiliser

US Muslims to reclaim 'jihad' with ad campaign

The US authorized the deployment of two Patriot missile batteries and 400 troops to Turkey along the Syrian border. The total of six missile batteries to be deployed by NATO is less than requested by Turkey. The Treasury Department imposed sanctions on seven companies and five persons linked to Iran's uranium-enrichment program.

Europe Court Finds Violation in CIA Rendition

Found guilty: Prison guard sacked over Dr Afridi's Fox News interview

Shaker Masri, an Alabama-born Chicago man, was sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison. Masri had plotted to be a suicide bomber for al Qaeda or Shabaab in Somalia. Two Alabama men, Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abukhdair and Randy Wilson, were arrested in Georgia as they were planning to travel to Mauritania for jihad. Wilson is friends with Omar Hammami, a wanted American terrorist with Shabaab.

US lawmakers says Syria's chemical weapons are ready to use

Kidnappings Fuel Extremists in Western Africa

Can France and Algeria find common ground on Mali?

Panetta, other US officials in Kabul paint rosy picture of Afghan situation