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Obama Offers a Revisionist History of His Administration's Approach To Egypt

Terror leader Awlaki paid thousands for prostitutes in DC area, documents show

AMIA prosecutor ordered not to present findings to US congress

Insurers Quizzed by N.Y. Regulator Lawsky on Iran Links

Iran importing missile-grade ore from Germany, France

Fugitive NSA leader Edward Snowden threatened more leaks and asked a number of countries, including Russia, for asylum; President Putin said Snowden could stay as long as he "cease[d] his work aimed at inflicting damage to our American partners." Secretary of State Kerry has been visiting the Middle East, trying to restart peace talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Snowden's Leaks Cloud U.S. Plan to Curb Chinese Hacking

As U.S. Pulls Out, Feuds Split Afghanistan's Ruling Family

The FBI Renews The Search For One Of Its Own

Misinformation on classified NSA programs includes statements by senior U.S. officials

Senators urge Obama to get tough on Russia, Ecuador over Snowden

According to Afghanistan's president Hamid Karzai, President Obama reportedly asked him to sign a security pact with the US within the next three months. Justin Kaliebe, a US citizen from Long Island, faces a possible 30-year prison sentence for trying to join al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The US is said to be planning to give Yemen three warplanes for use in combating al Qaeda. Due to security concerns, US officials warned against travel to Egypt.

Sending Missiles to Syrian Rebels, Qatar Muscles In

Tough US Sanctions on Iran Hit Monday

With multiple missions, US military steps up Africa focus

Federal investigators for the Office of Personnel Management alleged that USIS, the largest private provider of background checks for the government, repeatedly misled the government between 2008 and 2011 as to the thoroughness of the checks. The company vetted NSA leaker Edward Snowden in 2011. NSA chief Gen. Alexander said the surveillance program had disrupted 54 terrorist plots, of which 50 led to arrests or detentions, half of which occurred in Europe. Among the 54 foiled plots were 13 that developed inside the US. The Pentagon is updating rules of engagement for cyberwarfare and plans to add 4,000 people to US Cyber Command.

NSA chief says agency eavesdropping helped foil 54 plots

In Snowden playbook, Obama administration prioritized legal channels over diplomacy

Rebels in Syria Move to Show Moderation

Biden Gathers Senators For Last-Minute Syria Briefing; CIA Torture Report Nixed