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U.S. Defense Chief Mans Hot Line to Cairo

U.S. arms showing up in hands of pro-Assad militias

Congress to Qatar: Stop funding Hamas

Drones in Niger Reflect New U.S. Approach in Terror Fight

Iranian Assets Unfrozen by Judge for Terror Victims' Kin

A brand-new US military headquarters in Afghanistan. And nobody to use it.

The State Department's Arabic outreach team spoofed an al-Qaeda video

Pakistan Taliban sack spokesperson in sign of growing divisions

NYPD, Brookhaven Releasing Harmless Gases in Subway for Chemical Weapon Study

US Considers Faster Pullout in Afghanistan

US considers pulling all troops from Afghanistan: officials

Pakistan's Bin Laden Dossier

Report: Web monitoring devices made by U.S. firm Blue Coat detected in Iran, Sudan

Online videos showcase Syrian rebels' foreign weaponry

Somali American caught up in a shadowy Pentagon counterpropaganda campaign

Syria is a '10-year issue,' top US general says

Iran's Ayatollahs Blame Morsi's 'Pro-Israeli, Pro-US' Stance For Egypt Crisis

Secret move keeps bin Laden records in the shadows

US lawmakers urge calm, cautious approach to Egypt

The al Qaeda threat in Turkey

This LWJ report examines al Qaeda's activities in Turkey, providing a detailed look at its targets, plots, and attacks. These activities suggest that the al Qaeda threat in Turkey persists and is concentrated on targeting Western interests, including those of the US.