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Punitive US strike on Syria not enough -- experts

Proliferation of armed groups in Syria points to long war

UN Council set for Syria clash as West readies attack

Chemical Attack Evidence Lasts Years, Experts Say

The White House said it is not contemplating "regime change" in Syria but rather responding to a violation of an international prohibition against the use of chemical weapons. Newly disclosed intelligence, obtained in part through Israeli sources, has helped convince US officials that the Assad regime used chemical weapons in a mass attack on Aug. 21; the Director of National Intelligence is preparing a report for release possibly on Thursday. Leading members of Congress, which is currently out of session, have been informed of the administration's plans for a military intervention in Syria.

Former UK military chiefs voice objections to Syria attacks

Exclusive: Intercepted Calls Prove Syria Army Used Nerve Gas, US Spies Say

US, Allies Prepare to Act as Syria Intelligence Mounts

Jihadists concerned over potential US strikes in Syria

Pentagon Sees Syrian Military, Not Chemical Sites, as Target

Exclusive: Syria strike due in days, West tells opposition - sources

Blasts in the Night, a Smell, and a Flood of Syrian Victims

Secretary of State Kerry said the US had "little doubt" that chemical weapons were used by the Assad regime in Damascus last week, and castigated the regime for "cynically attempt[ing]" to destroy evidence. He said the US has "additional information" to support its charges, which the US will produce in the coming days. US officials reportedly claimed that the type of rocket used in the attack was solely in the possession of regime forces. The US is considering limited long-range missile strikes against Syrian military and intelligence command and control sites and other regime targets, to "deter and degrade" the regime's capability to deploy chemical weapons.

Pentagon Poised for $13 Billion in Mideast Arms Sales

The Obama administration is said to be preparing military options and legal justification for a possible intervention in Syria with or without UN backing, having assessed that "there is very little doubt at this point that a chemical weapon was used by the Syrian regime against civilians" in Damascus on Aug. 21. The US dismissed Syria's decision to allow UN inspectors into the area of the alleged recent strike as "too late to be credible." The UN inspection team had arrived in Syria on Aug. 18 to investigate prior reports of chemical weapons use in the country, including Syria's request in March for a UN investigation into possible chemical weapons use by rebels at Khan al-Assal. Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, held an emergency meeting in Jordan with defense chiefs from 10 nations to discuss regional security implications of the ongoing crisis in Syria.

Drums of war in Middle East

Lebanon - Army, security close in on terrorists as country becomes center of regional struggle

Report: Snowden Reached Out To Russian Authorities While Still In Hong Kong

US spy agency bugged US headquarters: Germany's Spiegel

AQAP official comments on Egypt events, says America retreating

In two new messages, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula official Harith bin Ghazi al Nadhari denounced the recent crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and praised the actions of jihadists throughout the region and beyond.