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Theo Padnos, American Journalist, on Being Kidnapped, Tortured and Released in Syria

Taliban return to Afghan town that rose up and drove out its leaders

Waging the Information War on ISIS

The State Department warned to US citizens in the Middle East to be vigilant, following an online jihadist threat against American and international schools. In its latest report on the Afghan war, the Pentagon said violence in Afghanistan fell by 30 percent between April and August, but warned that insurgent sanctuaries in Pakistan and Afghan reliance on coalition air support present challenges.

Syria rebels deploy peacekeepers in Idlib

UN Says Iran Is Silent on Efforts for a Bomb

Gen. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said US advisers should be deployed to Iraq's Anbar province, where Iraqi troops are battling the advance of the Islamic State. US officials said that the rate of foreign fighters flowing into Syria, about 1,000 per month, is remaining constant; this appears to be the case despite the US air campaign against the Islamic State in Syria and US requests to Turkey to help stem the flow of foreign fighters. US officials also said that 20 to 30 former Gitmo detainees have joined the Islamic State or other jihadist groups in Syria. Donald Ray Morgan, 44, of North Carolina, was charged with attempting to join a terrorist organization; in August he had tried to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State.

Israel reopens Al-Aqsa mosque compound: police

Jerusalem holy site closure 'declaration of war' - Abbas

Al Qaeda still offering olive branch to renegade ISIL group

The Homeland Security Department said security will be stepped up around federal government buildings in Washington and in other US cities due to the threat of terrorism. Robel Phillipos, a friend of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was convicted of lying to investigators.

The coordinator of the US-led coalition against the Islamic State, Ret. US Gen. John Allen, urged partner nations to "clearly, forcefully and consistently" reject the Islamic State's ideology and provide alternatives to it. ISAF said its main focus in Afghanistan will be missions to "train, advise, and assist" Afghan forces and that the extent to which ISAF will provide air support remains undecided. The US military conducted four airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria, and the coalition carried out seven strikes against the group in Iraq.

The US handed over Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan's Helmand province to the Afghan government. The US military continued its campaign against the Islamic State yesterday, carrying out five airstrikes against the group in Syria, and 12 airstrikes in Iraq in coordination with partner nations.

ISIS Hostages Endured Torture and Dashed Hopes, Freed Cellmates Say

Britain ends combat role in Afghanistan, last US Marines hand over base

In West, ISIS Finds Women Eager to Enlist

The Pentagon said yesterday that US and coalition aircraft have flown some 6,600 sorties against Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria and conducted 623 airstrikes, of which 553 were carried out by the US and the other 70 by nine other nations; US officials warned that Iraqi forces will not be ready for months to conduct a counteroffensive against the Islamic State. The New York City Police Department urged increased vigilance after Zale Thompson, a Muslim convert who had ranted against the US and Christians and advocated violent jihad on social media, used a hatchet to attack a group of four NYC policemen yesterday, injuring two. Thompson was shot dead at the scene; authorities are investigating alleged Islamist links. The top US military official in Korea said he believes North Korea is now capable of producing a miniaturized nuclear device for a missile warhead.

Islamic State keeps up Syrian oil flow despite U.S-led strikes

US military to teach Syrian opposition forces defense only

US watchdog: Afghanistan poppy production at record levels despite counternarcotics efforts