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Inside White House, a Reversal on Syrian Arms

Lessons from Iraq, Libya loom large as diplomats ponder Syrian weapons probe

State Department's Benghazi review let senior officials off the hook, report finds

The US and Russia have reached an agreement for the elimination of Syria's chemical weapons by mid-2014. Under the agreement, the Assad regime must deliver a complete list of the types, quantity, and locations of Syria's chemical-weapons stockpiles to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons by Sept. 20. The option remains for punitive action against the regime for noncompliance.

Pentagon in Back Seat as Kerry Leads Charge

In Afghanistan drawdown, US forced to take costly option in transporting military gear out

US, Russia strike deal on Syria chemical weapons

US officials are now signaling they will allow for weeks of diplomacy on the Syrian chemical weapons issue, although they say the option of a military strike remains on the table. They also said they will not insist on including the threat of force in a draft UN Security Council resolution, as doing so would ensure a Russian veto.

Syrian opposition to choose PM in push for credibility

ISAF reconsiders Afghan basing plans

In Turkey, US soldiers guard against Syrian missile threat

Pentagon in Back Seat As Kerry Leads Charge

The Benghazi link to Tunisia's assassinations

Syrian weapons destruction may not take so long: US expert

US also demands Syrian transparency on nuclear research

Norway takes credit for Russia's Syria solution

Sources: US weapons stolen in Libya raids, fueling Special Forces pull-out

Elite Syrian Unit Scatters Chemical Arms Stockpile

Congressional sources indicated that the 1,429 deaths cited by the Obama administration as attributable to a chemical weapons attack on Aug. 21 in Syria may fact include casualties from conventional weapons as well. Secretary of State Kerry called for prompt disclosure by Syria of its chemical weapons arsenal. Meeting in Geneva with his Russian counterpart, Kerry pushed for the threat of military force to back up the proposed surrender of Syria's chemical weapons. Florida pastor Terry Jones was arrested for illegally transporting fuel and openly carrying a firearm yesterday as he drove with the announced intention of burning 2,998 Korans on the anniversary of 9/11.

US public-relations firm helps Putin make his case to America