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Norway weighing Syria chemical weapons task

US agencies moving slowly to tighten data security, despite major leaks

Rift widens on Iranian nuclear deal as Israel, Arabs warn against allowing enrichment

The US-Saudi crackup reaches a dramatic tipping point

Recently disclosed secret US and Pakistani documents on drone strikes in Pakistan indicate substantial information-sharing by the US and some direct cooperation by Pakistan. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called President Obama for a clarification on reports that the US may have monitored her mobile phone. A federal prosecutor said al Qaeda operative and terror suspect Abu Anas al Libi, a.k.a. Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai, implicated himself while aboard a Navy ship after being advised of his Miranda rights.

Secret memos reveal explicit nature of US, Pakistan agreement on drones

The Effectiveness Of Drone Strikes In Counterinsurgency And Counterterrorism Campaigns

Obama's Uncertain Path Amid Syria Bloodshed

U.S., Israel differ over how to resolve Iran nuclear issue

FBI Probing Whether Russia Used Cultural Junkets to Recruit American Intelligence Assets

Obama's Uncertain Path Amid Syria Bloodshed

The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee warned that al Qaeda is developing a safe haven in Syria along the Iraqi border, where it is planning attacks against the West, much as al Qaeda did in Afghanistan. He said there are now over 10,000 "committed" al Qaeda members in eastern Syria, more than the number of foreign fighters in Iraq during the US occupation. A Turkish news report claimed that a US official said the distribution of nonlethal aid to the Syrian rebels has been suspended as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham now controls the Turkish border gate at Azaz. It also alleged that the Obama administration began disengaging with the Syrian rebels on Oct. 2, laying down conditions for the continuation of aid.

Saudis Said to Disregard US on Aid to Syria Islamists

NATO optimistic about US security agreement with Afghanistan

Civilian Deaths in Drone Strikes Cited in Report

Iran nuke overture: More a promise than an offer

Anas al-Liby's Health Care During Terror Trial Could Gouge Taxpayers

Spy Chief Distances Saudis From U.S.

U.S. high court asks Obama administration's view on bank secrecy

The US has quietly begun releasing $1.6 billion in aid to Pakistan; most military aid had been frozen for much of the past two years due to strained relations. The Pentagon said it will not renew its lease for the Manas base in Kyrgyzstan next year, so starting in July 2014 US military flights in and out of Afghanistan will transit through Romania instead.