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The Inevitable Rise Of Al-Qaeda in Libya

Partial Afghan security deal reached, Kerry says

U.S. quietly observes coup law on Egypt aid, but shuns term

Secretary of State Kerry is meeting in Kabul with Afghanistan's president to try to reach an agreement on US troop presence in the country after 2014; President Obama has said that if no deal is reached by Oct. 31, the US will withdraw all troops by the end of 2014. Two New York City men face charges of trying to support terrorist acts; Humayoun Ghoulan Nabi, a Pakistani national, and Ismael Alsarabbi, a naturalized citizen from Kuwait, were arrested after a two-year investigation showing their intent to provide winter gear for Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. Sinh Vinh Ngo Nguyen a.k.a. Hasan Abu Omar Ghannoum, of Garden Grove, Calif., was charged with trying to support al Qaeda; he was arrested while en route to Mexico. Investigators discovered that the CIA warned in 2009 about NSA leaker Edward Snowden after he sought unauthorized access to classified files.

General in charge of America's nuclear weapons sacked for misbehaviour

UN extends NATO force in Afghanistan for last time

C.I.A. Warning on Snowden in '09 Said to Slip Through the Cracks

Turkey's Spymaster Plots Own Course on Syria

Extremist Group Gains Foothold Among Kenyans

The Obama administration is curtailing some of the annual $1.3 billion in military aid to Egypt; the "recalibration" is said to be temporary. Arab and Israeli allies expressed concern that the move indicates US disengagement from the region as part of the administration's 'pivot' to Asia. The FBI is investigating three recent attacks on the Arkansas power grid.

U.S. Allies Fret Over Shift on Aid to Egypt

Nairobi airport fire: FBI blames electrical fault

British spy chief warns Snowden data is a 'gift' for terrorists

President Obama defended the recent US raids in Libya and Somalia, saying the US would continue to hunt down active terror networks and disrupt active plots. "We're not going to farm out our defense," he added. US officials said the Somali raid was not fully carried out due to "imperfect intelligence."

US fears al-Qaida, radical Islamists could take root in Syria

Using new counterterror guidelines, US forces backed off in Somalia raid

Iran Readies Offer to Limit Its Nuclear Program

Records Obtained by JW Reveal U.S. Knew of Sophisticated al Qaeda Plan to Hijack Commercial Airliner in 2000

US justifies Somalia raid under AUMF, which Obama seeks to repeal

The US Navy SEALs raid that targeted a Shabaab leader known as Ikrima was justified under the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force. President Obama has called for the repeal of the AUMF, and support to do so is gaining in Congress.

Karzai Raises Stakes in US-Afghan Talks by Calling Assembly