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The Islamic Front 'will not fight the al Qaeda organization'

Secretary of State Kerry said the US will provide $40 million over a three-year period to the Philippines, to be split between the Philippines Coast Guard for maritime security and the Philippines National Police for counterterrorism efforts. He reiterated that the US does not recognize China's recently claimed air defense zone over the East China Sea. Kerry also denied that the US had met with the Islamic Front in Syria but said it could happen. The Senate voted to confirm Jeh Johnson as head of the Department of Homeland Security, to replace Janet Napolitano, who resigned in August. A new US military unit assumed command of the NATO Patriot missile batteries in Gazientep, Turkey.

Iran nabbed CIA asset Levinson, says witness

A federal judge in Manhattan has ordered that Abu Anas al Libi, a.k.a. Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai, will be tried along with Khaled Al Fawwaz and Adel Abdel Bary in November 2014. The judge said he would consider having two separate juries, one for al Libi and the other for Fawwaz and Bary. US officials admitted that they may never know the extent of classified material taken by NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

Kansas terrorism plot: The American engineer turned unlikely jihadist

Ordinary Afghans' anxiety about future grows as security deal with US remains in limbo

CIA Benghazi team clash led to 'stand down' report

The New Spy Catchers

US Congress, CIA still feuding over interrogations and secret prisons

Exclusive: After 'cataclysmic' Snowden affair, NSA faces winds of change

Kansas bomb plot suspect says bin Laden and Awlaki are inspirations

Terry Lee Loewen, who believed he was working with people tied to AQAP, sought to carry out a car bomb attack at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. US authorities said the public was never at risk.

US seeks to include 'moderate' Islamists in Syrian coalition

Memo: Iranians may have exploited visa program

Missing American in Iran was working for CIA

Hagel Lifts Veil on Major Military Center in Qatar

Afghan pullout could reverse gains against al Qaeda, US military chief warns

ISPR, religious parties stoke anti-drone sentiment in Pakistan: US ambassador

Defense Secretary Hagel responded to France's request for "limited" US military assistance in the Central African Republic by offering to help transport Burundian soldiers to the CAR to participate in the UN peacekeeping force. Hagel told Pakistani officials that keeping supply lines open may be key to the continuance of military aid to Pakistan. Two extradited Londoners, Babar Ahmad and Syed Talha Ahsan, pled guilty to running websites that helped send funding and fighters to terrorists abroad, including the Chechen mujahideen and the Afghan Taliban. A US official said the shipment of nonlethal aid to rebels in northern Syria has been suspended and the US is working with the Free Syrian Army to inventory current US supplies for the FSA in Syria.

US Halts Aid Delivery To Syria's North Following Islamist Gains

CIA papers show Panetta spoke on bin Laden raid