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Al Qaeda, Western Militaries Race for Influence in Africa

The US Embassy in Uganda issued a warning of possible terror attacks in the capital city of Kampala in February or March. The first of four Navy missile-destroyer ships arrived at the US base in Rota, Spain as part of the European Phased Adaptive Approach missile shield; three more ships will arrive by 2015 as part of the NATO plan.

'American' jihadi with ISIS explains defection from Al Nusrah Front

British Jihadists Torture Syrian Rebel

Who is the American the US seeks to target with drones?

Obama administration mulls lethal strike on American in Pakistan

Al Qaeda's expulsion of Islamist group in Syria prompts high-level US debate

The CIA is said to be considering a drone strike on an American member of al Qaeda in an unnamed foreign country who is plotting attacks against US citizens overseas. President Obama and President Hollande of France jointly announced new strategic cooperation between their countries on combating terrorism as well as other endeavors. The Pentagon announced that the MV Cape Ray, the ship specially outfitted to destroy Syria's chemical weapons arsenal, will remain indefinitely in Rota, Spain until the Assad regime completes the handover of its chemical weapons.

Obama and Hollande: France and the US enjoy a renewed alliance

Imagery of the Week: Drone Aprons at Niamey

Caribbean Airlines warns of Guyana flights threat

Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan finalizes 15-point draft for talks

Sniper fire on Silicon Valley power grid spurs ex-regulator's crusade

Afghan soldiers desperate for pact with US, criticize President Karzai for delay

Interview: Warning Sounded Over 'Vibrant' Drug Trafficking In Afghanistan

Report on Afghan Deaths Shows Shift in Conflict

US to focus on drugs, rule of law beyond 2014 in Afghanistan

At Pakistan's 'Taliban U,' jihadists major in anti-Americanism

New Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson said the war in Syria has become a matter of homeland security due to the risks posed by US jihadists. US officials said at least 50 Americans have traveled to Syria to fight. Last week National Intelligence Director James Clapper said parts of northern Syria were becoming like Pakistan's tribal areas, where al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other extremists have found safe havens since 2001. According to Senator Lindsey Graham, Secretary of State Kerry recently said al Qaeda is posing a real and direct threat.

Analysis: Is Syria now a direct threat to the US?