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Syrian Jihad: Bringing the War Back Home?

Afghanistan Exit Is Seen as Peril to Drone Mission

As Afghan War closes, allies see broader American pullback

Congress cut the US military and development aid budget for Afghanistan for this year to $1.1 billion, down from last year's $2.1 billion, in the wake of President Karzai's refusal to sign a bilateral security agreement and reports of waste and fraud in Afghanistan. The Karzai government has released an inflammatory report making false claims about a US raid in Afghanistan. The Air Force plans to start deploying Global Hawk drones from Misawa Air Base in Japan this summer.

US Cuts Afghan Development Aid By Half

Olympic 'Black Widow' Warning Caught US Off-Guard

State Dept. Learned in November of Photos Said to Show Torture in Syria

In lieu of Afghan security pact, NATO must remain flexible, defense chiefs say

A three-year Pentagon study has found that US intelligence agencies are not sufficiently able to detect the development or proliferation of nuclear weapons by foreign powers. Defense Secretary Hagel ordered thorough reviews of the US nuclear force. The US is seeking to expand by 50% its 500-Marine Africa crisis response team based in MorĂ³n, Spain.

US Embassy plot reveals Israel's growing Al Qaeda problem

Arms smuggling attempt foiled on Jordanian-Syrian border

German Military Faces a Difficult Year in Africa and Afghanistan

US designates Deputy Secretary-General of Palestinian Islamic Jihad

In its designation, the State Department noted that Iran is a key backer of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. In addition, the State Department noted the increase in cooperation between PIJ and Hamas.

For US forces, delivering peacekeepers to the CAR is no easy task

At the Geneva II talks on Syria, Secretary of State Kerry said "parallel efforts" will be made during the talks to find other ways to pressure the Assad regime. Kerry also revived the idea that Iran could be part of the negotiations. The Navy is seeking more shore-based, localized solutions to the problem of piracy in African waters. The Pentagon adopted a new policy giving service members wider latitude for the manifestation of "sincerely held beliefs" in dress, grooming, and other matters.

Syria Talks Open with Acrimony and Testy Exchanges

Afghanistan cracks down on commercials that favor US troops

France to bolster military presence in Africa

Top American and Russian officials discussed security cooperation during the Sochi Olympics. The Navy said air and naval assets, including two warships in the Black Sea, will be available during the Olympics in case they are needed for contingency operations resulting from a terrorist attack. US military officials are urging the Obama administration to consider keeping 10,000 troops in Afghanistan after 2014 and drawing that number down to near zero by the end of Obama's term; they say fewer troops will be insufficient for security purposes and thus the only other option would be a full pullout at the end of this year.

Former NATO commander warns of wider war in Middle East