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Afghanistan's Loya Jirga delegates back US jurisdiction over troops

Muzhda Confirms Talks With Taliban

Exclusive: Enter America's Repository of Pain, 100,000 Weapons of War

Egypt remains confused by White House policy

The US and Afghanistan reached a deal on the text of the Bilateral Security Agreement; the agreement is contingent on approval by Afghanistan's Loya Jirga, which convenes tomorrow. Secretary of State Kerry said the draft agreement provides that US forces would "train, equip, and assist" Afghan forces, but have no combat role. The draft agreement covers a 10-year training and counterterrorism mission likely involving up to 12,000 troops. It also specifies that US military personnel would be subject only to US law, but contractors would be subject to Afghan law.

Exclusive: US May Have Let 'Dozens' of Terrorists Into Country As Refugees

Islamic Association of Students Rallies Opposition to BSA

No tolerance for militants headed to Syria, Turkish FM Davuto─člu says

President Obama pushed for an agreement with Iran on its nuclear program, despite criticism that the deal is too lenient. The US said it will extend its deployment of two Patriot missile batteries on the Turkish border for another year; about 400 US soldiers have been manning the batteries in Gazientep. US and Afghan officials claimed that an agreement on the issue of US troop presence in Afghanistan after 2014 is within reach.

Special Report: The Pentagon's doctored ledgers conceal epic waste

Stuxnet's Secret Twin

A Russian GPS Using US Soil Stirs Spy Fears

Obama's Fight With Israel: This Time It's Serious

Exclusive: John Kerry Defies the White House on Egypt Policy

If Attacked, How Would Iran Respond?

In Afghanistan, clinic funded by US military closes because of lack of government support

A senior US military official said the US is planning on training 5,000 to 7,000 Libyan soldiers and a smaller number of Libyan special forces. An aerial target drone crashed on a naval ship off the California coast, slightly injuring two sailors.

Strains With Israel Over Iran Snarl US Goals in Mideast

Afghan-US BSA talks: rift over raids on civilian house persists

The FBI warned that the hackers' group Anonymous has been accessing confidential data on government computers in the US Army, Department of Energy, Department of Health and Human Services, and possibly other agencies, since December 2012. Authorities believe the cyberattacks are ongoing. General David M. Rodriguez, head of the US military's Africa Command, said it is reducing the size of training missions in Africa due to cuts in the Pentagon budget.