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US now wrestling with intelligence gaps in Iraq

Records show how Iraqi extremists withstood US antiterrorism efforts

Secretary of State Kerry said there is "no military solution" to the crisis in Iraq, and urged all countries in the region to expel the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham. Kerry also called on the Kurds to support Iraqi unity. US military officials said about half of the US "assessment" troops promised for Iraq have arrived, and that American forces have been conducting 30 to 35 intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance flights per day in Iraq with manned aircraft and drones. The Pentagon denied rumors that US drones struck in Iraq. A federal appeals court yesterday released a 2010 Justice Department memo authorizing the killing of US citizen and al Qaeda ideologue Anwar al Awlaki in Yemen. Officials have indicated that the US' hands-off policy toward Libya is not likely to change.

As Libya teeters near chaos, US keeps hands-off policy

Obama's disastrous Iraq policy: an autopsy

ISIS recruits Kurdish youth, creating a potential new risk in a peaceful part of Iraq

Kerry promises 'intense and sustained' US support for Iraq

The man who broke the Middle East

Netanyahu Warns US Not to Work with Iran on Iraq Crisis

News Analysis: Kerry visit signals breakthrough in US-Egypt ties

Abu Sayyaf operative thought killed in US drone strike spotted in Philippines

President Obama said the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham poses a "medium and longterm threat" to the US, but that other terrorist groups may present more immediate threats, and said "ISIS is just one of a number of organizations that we have to stay focused on," mentioning al Qaeda in Yemen and Boko Haram. He said the US cannot just "play whack-a-mole and send US troops occupying various countries wherever these organizations pop up." Mike Rogers, head of the House Intelligence Committee, countered that the fight against ISIS is in the US national security interest. Secretary of State Kerry said ISIS poses a "threat not only to Iraq, but to the entire region," and urged Arab countries to stop funding Sunni fighters in Syria and Iraq.

Syria jihadists now using Humvees seized in Iraq: NGO

Polish foreign minister called ties to US 'worthless'

Iran rejects US action in Iraq as militants push east

Secret US Plan to Aid Iraq Fizzled Amid Mutual Distrust

It's not too late to reengage with Iraq

When drones fall from the sky

Libya suspect Abu Khattala, suspected in killing Americans, was shadowy figure among militants

Warnings on Iraq ISIS attack ignored--Kurdistan official